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From childhood, we’re shown this idea that once a person gets married, they live “happily ever after.” Well, this article is for those people who thought they got their happily ever after only for it to turn into a loop of constant bickering and endless fights. When you start seeing your partner as a roommate instead of your husband or wife, it’s a sign that you might be having problems. 

Marriage takes work, and this is no secret. You can be in love with your partner but still get frustrated when they don’t behave in a certain way or don’t do the things you told them to do. You both need to work together to work out the problems in the marriage; otherwise, it might not last for too long. If you find yourself stuck in the same cycle of arguing and apologising, then you might want to consider marriage counseling.

What is Marriage Counseling?

couple’s counselling sydney, commonly known to as couples therapy, and it’s a type of psychotherapy that deals with helping couples recognize and resolve issues in order to improve their relationships. When couples go for marriage counseling, they learn to make thoughtful decisions about strengthening and rebuilding their relationship or learn that it’s best to go their separate ways.

Couples seek marriage counseling in order to strengthen their relationship and gain a better understanding of each other. Additionally, marriage counseling can help couples who haven’t tied the knot yet. Premarital counseling can aid couples in achieving a deeper understanding of each other and to clear out any differences before marriage.

What Are the Signs That You Need Marriage Counseling

Some signs aren’t that noticeable, but when you realise that your marriage isn’t the same as when it started, then that’s a sign that you might need some counseling. Here are some common signs:

  • Conversations always end up being negative.

Negative Communication is when your conversation leaves one partner feeling shamed, disregarded, insecure, judged or wanting to exit the conversation. Negative communication also includes your tone of conversation as it’s not always the things you say, but the way you say it. Negative conversations can escalate into emotional abuse as well as non-verbal communication, so if you feel it’s going this way, you should consider marriage counseling.

  • You start keeping secrets

In general, you have the right to privacy. But when you start hiding things from your partner, it can be the start of many problems. Many people see transparency and honesty as the top factors that contribute to a healthy relationship.

  • You’re afraid to start a conversation

You might have a moment when you want to tell your partner something, but then you remember the last time they got upset and you decide not to talk about it. The union between you and your partner means that out of everyone in the world, if there’s someone you could talk to in your darkest times, it’s your partner. But when you can no longer do that for fear of starting a fight, you should seek help from a marriage counselor. A counselor will discuss why certain actions provoke different reactions and how you both can live harmoniously.

  • If you think about having an affair

Thinking about how it would be like if you were with a different person is a sign that your marriage is going a different route than what you started out with. Fantasizing about someone other than your partner means that you’re not happy with you have and you desire something else. While it’s not impossible to rebuild a relationship after an affair, it’s a lot better not to get to that stage in the first place. If you start having these thoughts, you could talk to your partner about it or head to a marriage counselor for some advice.

  • When you start living different lives

From getting up and making breakfast together to just letting each other know when you’ll be home for dinner, a lot of things can change over the course of the marriage. Things that you enjoyed doing with your partner start feeling like tasks, and you just want to do it on your own now. It might even get to the point where you start sleeping in different beds. It’s best to resolve the problems before it can get to that stage.

How Marriage Counseling Can Save a Marriage

When a couple has issues that can’t be resolved, a marriage counselor can help and play the role of a moderator. If the husband feels a certain way, instead of being yelled at by the wife, a counselor would be able to provide the criticism in a more structured and less hurtful way. A marriage counselor can help express the emotions that partners are going through in a more safe, constructive manner. 

You don’t have to go there for years and years. Therapy is usually a short term process, and unless there are major issues in the relationship, you can completely rebuild your relationship in a few sessions. You can even attend a few online marriage counseling sessions if you’re pressed for time. However, you must remember that you can’t just go to counseling and expect everything to be better after that. Post marital counseling might be required if the same problems arise after the initial session. You and your partner need to carefully heed to the advice of the counselor and put in the required effort to keep the marriage afloat.


While it might be hard to talk about your personal problems to a counselor, the benefits that come with it, for both you and your partner, are priceless. Marriage counselors are certified to hear your problems and provide advice on your struggles. Making the decision to attend counseling for marital problems can be challenging. If you have a problematic relationship, seeking help is much more effective than ignoring your problems and hoping they get better in time. 

Sometimes, taking the first step and admitting the relationship needs help is the most difficult part. Many individuals find the experience to be empowering and insightful. With a few sessions, you can start rebuilding your relationship and working towards your “happily ever after.”

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