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Sentiment AnalysisWhy Data Scientists Must Master Sentiment Analysis

Standing at a time when consumers can communicate their feelings as well as sentiments about the business more transparently than ever before, it has become fundamental for all businesses to understand the feelings of their clients. By automatically analyzing the feedback that is provided by the customer, organizations can understand their feelings and tailor their products and services in a way that is a lot more satisfactory to the client. Brands can also try to listen mindfully to the clients through many other means such as studying customer reactions, reading the discussions that revolve around them on social media platforms, and so on.

Sentiment analysis is basically a method made possible by machine learning where polarity can be recognized right within the text, such as a positive or a negative feeling of the customer. The text can be in the form of a clause, sentence, paragraph, or whole document. So gear yourself up, as in this article we will explain everything that you need to know about sentiment analysis and how is it useful!


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The field of marketing has ended up being of the areas that are the most affected by this age of digital revolution. A lot of aversions have been caused to the proponents of customer marketing, and how this field has become a lot about codifying whatever knowledge is available. This includes collecting an abundance of digital data, sorting it out, using various algorithms to process whatever is useful, and taking care of decisions that are noteworthy for various different functions.

All of this is done in real-time, provides an end-to-end automatic solution, that too at a lightning-quick speed. It is true that there is still a space for innovativeness, however, at this point, it does not work as a unique and competitive differentiator.

Sentiment analysis is a way of processing natural language with the help of artificial intelligence. If an organization goes through several different social media platforms or the overall web, or even through the excess of client support tickets submitted on their website, they will get an insight into what the clients think of their brand and products, and their business prospects.

This will thus allow the organization to design both their products as well as advertisements in a way that their customers will find engaging and like, and thus expand the overall conversion rates of the marketing campaigns. 

As a matter of fact, most of the biggest tech organizations such as Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM, utilize the solutions offered by sentiment analysis and provide them to other business organizations as well.

Despite the fact that Microsoft is known for their AI solutions the way that Google, Amazon, or Facebook (now Meta) is, they are still a lot more reliable than a number of organizations that guarantee to offer innovative AI solutions but do not have any data science ability to back it up. 


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Progressively, most of the leading companies across the globe are widely renowned for their power of harnessing information that is in tune with their clients intently, comprehending this information better than other people, and thus react in a way that makes the customers feel both significant as well as connected personally with the brand.

Most of these organizations make use of an AI-based sentiment analysis solution, in order to make their marketing and product development division a lot more effective. These solutions are offered in order to assist the big businesses to solve most of their consumer-related problems. 

Operational data analytics in the form of the sales transaction, customer interactions through email, phone, or social media, and customer experience information such as social listening and studies need to be enhanced by the organization by absorbing it, processing it, and making their decisions data science supported in real-time.

It is needless to say that sentiment analysis gives the company much-needed insights about their clients. It is based upon this information that companies will be able to improve their marketing strategies based upon how the clients are reacting to this change.

Not only that, but sentiment analysis also assists businesses to estimate the ROI of their marketing efforts and thus modify their customer service. Since sentiment analysis allows the organizations a sneak look into their customer’s emotions, they can recognize any emergency that is to come well before in time and thus oversee it accordingly.


  • Why Data Scientists Must Understand and Master Sentiment Analysis


When advanced analytic tools are combined with social listening, real-time experimentation can be done which allows the scope for better comprehension of customer sentiment about the services or products that are offered by the company. This capacity to analyze both structured as well as unstructured data allows marketers to come up with microtargeting strategies that give the organization a chance to quickly engage and delight their customers.

The machine learning model that works behind sentiment analysis is prepared upon numerous text snippets that are collected from social media and the overall web, such as customer interaction and experience with the brand and their products. This content information is then labeled as negative or positive, and furthermore by the company that is being referred to. 

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For individuals who are beginning their journey in sentiment analysis, it is important to look beyond the customary attitude. Data science needs to be mixed into the functions of marketing and branding as opposed to it being reviewed as something that is done by a parallel team doing their own stuff.

The previous pattern of marketing is changing, and sentiment analysis has become a necessary data science skill that needs to be understood and mustered for the betterment of an organization. Many organizations have understood it and invest in training their data science professionals including data scientists to acquire latest and industry-relevant skill-set.

Data scientists too sign up for data science certification programs to acquire these skills in their individual capacity at times. Data science certifications have therefore become very popular these days in imparting knowledge and skills that are quintessential for any data scientist. Some of popular data science certifications are Certified Senior Data Scientist (CSDS) from USDSI, IBM Data Science Professional Certificate, Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate, and others.  

Final Word

As the marketing trends are changing you need to keep yourself updated with the trending market skills. We hope that this article was of help to you!

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