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Desktop Technician

What you need to know to get a job on the desktop

A Desktop Technician requires outstanding communication, and problem-solving skills, patience, customer-friendliness, and the ability to work in a team environment. Also, you need a thorough technical understanding of the supported hardware, software, and systems.

What skills do you need for a desktop job?

The requirements depend on the item level. Entry-level technical support (Level 1) typically requires less than two years of work experience. For intermediate positions (Technical Support Level 2), two to four years of experience, some experience in desktop support, and sometimes a degree is required.

Level 3 positions – the last stop before the desktop support analyst – typically require four years of technical support experience, a bachelor’s degree in an IT-related field, and some form of professional certification.
What will you do as a desktop support technician?

Depending on the level in your desktop hierarchy, your day will be different. First of all, you create tickets, handle requests, and spend time-solving relatively simple problems with hardware, software, applications or networks. Escalate more difficult issues to more experienced people in your group.

Thanks to new experience and training, you will eventually solve severe problems that others would not be able to answer. Analyzing trends in reporting problems and developing preventive solutions is as much a part of the job as supervising younger employees.

Remember that the field is continually evolving, which means you need to keep up with industry changes and update your skills to stay current.

Description of the work of the desktop service technician

We are trying to hire a qualified desktop support technician to assist our customers with computer hardware and software problems. You will need to work on-site or via remote connection and help with hardware installations, software upgrades, system integration, and fundamental IT-related issues.

To ensure their success as a desktop support technician, you should have a broad knowledge of home and office systems, excellent problem-solving skills, and high-level interpersonal skills. The excellent desktop support technician provides quick and practical support to customers with hardware and software problems.

Responsibilities of the desk service technician:

• Respond to customer service requests.
• Contact customers to find out the nature of the problem.
• Travel to the client’s location or connect through a remote connection.
• Troubleshooting hardware and software.
• Installation & update of operating systems
• Troubleshooting network
• Advice on software or hardware updates.
• Provide necessary training in the operation and administration of computers.
• Preparation of work reports

Requirements for the Desktop Support Technician:

• Degree in computer science or information technology.
• Proven work experience as a desktop support technician
• Advanced knowledge of hardware systems, chipsets, memory modules, and peripherals.
• Knowledge of standard operating systems and software applications
• Ability to solve sophisticated hardware and software problems.
• Possibility to travel and work outside
• Excellent interpersonal skills.
• Should be good in oral & written communication.

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