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cosmetic boxescosmetic boxes

Your goods need not only stalwart packaging but also innovation in today’s dynamic environment. We trust in the packages at GCP which are unique from the others and which guarantee strong sales. Your buyers get a blinding look at our shopping boxes with attractive and new styles. Overall we are able to float away with our benefits such as free shipping, quickest turnaround, free concept assistance, and sampling.

We satisfy the needs and offer outstanding packaging templates for your products. Our product packaging not only suits well with the product but also thanks to detail. We are exceptionally pleased with our types, lengths, forms, and printing mechanisms.

CosmeticBoxes – Confidence name of large brands

We are the most trusted packaging firm. You have trusted and reimbursed you with big discount packages and compensations.

We offer several free benefits

One of our bases gives our consumers advantages. This does not mean that we ask the wealthy and well-known people to float with us but to spread our services evenly among small and big brands. The benefits we deliver are:

Help for Free Design

We provide free design assistance at GCP to give you a good view of individual custom printed boxes. After the packaging details have been completed, we will progress to the next phase. It requires the availability of free design assistance, giving you great excitement. Our experienced designers focus on their knowledge and know-how to provide you with a fantastic experience in design.

There are two perspectives on the design support: a 2D view and a 3D view. A 2D view provides a product picture view. However, with a film, a 3D perspective opens up an immersive peek at the product. Since we want customer loyalty, we can only process the orders before the end result is completely fulfilled.

No costs for delivery

Our orders are free of shipping costs at GCP. Thus, leaving that part on us if you’re concerned about it. We will do our utmost to reduce delivery costs to you. We agree that high customer service is important. We do not charge you any extra fees for this reason.

Orders of hurry

Are you concerned the personalized boxes would come late? Look beyond and get in touch with us today if you want to get your boxes in one week’s time at your doorstep. Normally we take 10 days to deliver your boxes, but once you order us efficiently, we aim to hold the time to deliver the most promptly.

The plate charges are no hide and die

We don’t believe that we apply secret fees to list your options. When you are in touch with our customer service agent, you will instead live worry-free. We draw the most effective price plan for your order, for example, custom cosmetic boxes, with the aid of our estimators

Free Sampling Physical

It’s a shame, but not with us! We supply a physical sample at your doorstep without any expense at GCP. You can order a free preview that will allow you to have faith in our products if you are not content with our designers’ help.

Minimum quantity of order (MOQ) Minimum order

We know how to start a company from scratch and cultivate its development. In order to accumulate rewards, we settle on the minimum order quantity of 100 packs for each order.

Defy the presumption of anyone from the outside

Our beauty packaging helps us to defy everybody’s standards. Our thorough research and cosmetic boxes have helped us to lift the grounds. In order to benefit consumers, our packaging designers and engineers analyze small data.


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