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It is very crucial for expectant mothers or new mothers to understand the use of reusable breast pads. Before you have a baby, one of the most important decisions for you is to make a decision about breastfeeding. In case you decide to go in favor of breastfeeding, then you will have to buy reusable breast pads or washable breast pads, whatever you prefer. As an expectant mother, these are one of the many decisions that you will have to make before your baby is right with you in your hands. Once the milk is out from your breasts into your baby’s mouth, you will definitely need these nursing pads. This is one of the essential requirements for noob mothers.

Why will you require these nursing pads?

Whenever you choose to breastfeed, one of the major things is that your breasts must be prepared for the leakage which is quite common among noob mothers. Most commonly, the leakage occurs in between feedings. It is also very common for the milk to leak whenever the baby is crying or the feeding time is near. Also, whenever the baby is feeding on one breast, the other one might leak and this might be because of the letdown reflex that happens in both breasts simultaneously. It will always take a little time for your milk to get regulated so you will have to wear nursing pads for at least a few months to prevent the leakage.

What should you look for in a reusable breast pad?

Here are the four factors that you must keep in mind before you go forward to make a purchase decision with the nursing breast pad-

  • Comfortable- The breast pads are like a second skin to the mothers because they have to stick to your breasts the whole day. You must for the soft breast pads so that they do not stick to your nipples when are wet. So, always choose a nursing pad that has a dry layer against the skin so that it wicks away the moisture from your breast into the core of the pad leaving you with dry skin altogether.
  • Absorbent- Also make sure that the reusable nursing pads are quite absorbent. The more they absorb, the longer you can go for the changes while feeding and the longer you go for the changes, you will have to wash the pads less, maybe one time. The less you wash, the less you will have to buy. The less you buy, the more money will be saved!
  • Coverage- This is also one of the most crucial factors to consider. Always make sure that your breast pad is large enough to cover a major fair portion of the breast so that it doesn’t clutter inside your bra that makes it noticeable under clothing.
  • Contoured nursing pads – Lastly, you need to make sure that your breast pad is contoured. Go for the breast pad that’s round in shape and not flat because your breast is round too. A contoured nursing pad is the one that will cup your breast like the bra does and will flush to your skin without any moving around or bunching. There will be no ‘peek-a-boo’ movements with the best breast pads.

KeaBabies will make sure that you have a positive experience with the reusable nursing pads. It’s time to get rid of all the stress in terms of babies and parenting.

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