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In a comprehensive definition, cooking is a technology and skill for providing food, with or without heat.

( foodche )

 In ancient texts, cooking meant the act of preparing food for consumption.

 When man discovered fire thousands of years ago, cooking became a very common cultural feature.

Each country has its own type of cuisine that is very diverse and diverse. 

For example, Central Asian countries have similar foods and recipes, as do European and American countries.

Cooking is the various ways in which food is prepared to be eaten by heating. Cooking food may be done in a closed, pressurized container called a pressure cooker. 

This method speeds up cooking and keeps the vitamins in the food better.

Each country has different foods according to its different culture. Turkey is one of the countries where people are very interested in cooking and prepare delicious and different foods.


Cuisine in Turkey

Turkish cuisine is mainly a legacy of Ottoman cuisine with a mix of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines.

Turkish cuisine has also influenced the cuisine of these and neighboring regions and even Western European cuisine.

 The Ottomans combined the customs and cuisines of their Middle East-dominated regions with local elements of Central Asia, creating a rich cuisine of taste and art.

 For this reason, various regions under the rule of the Ottoman Empire have a collection of Ottoman cuisine in their modern cuisine.

The special and traditional food of the region is different from that of Turkey. In the food of northern Turkey, the Black Sea coast consists mostly of fish and grains.

 Southern Turkey (Adana and Qazi Intab and Orfa) is famous for its kebabs, flavors and pastries such as baklava and qadif, which are made with dough.

 The culinary feature of western Turkey, where olive trees are found in abundance, is the extensive use of olive oil. 

The cuisine of the people of the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara coasts is influenced by Mediterranean cuisine and is rich in vegetables and fish. Central Anatolia is also famous for its bread, manti and gozleme.

When traveling to Turkey, you will not have to worry about food and in our opinion, most Turkish dishes are delicious. 

Turkish cuisine is very diverse and different cities in Turkey have their own cuisine. However, some of the most delicious Turkish dishes have become more popular and we want to introduce one of these dishes to you in this article. 

When traveling to Turkey and cities such as Istanbul, Antalya and Kusadasi, we suggest you spend a lot of time to experience delicious food and do not miss this unique experience.

Turkey is famous for its delicious meat dishes and without a doubt one of the most famous Turkish dishes is Doner Kebab.

 We all more or less know this kebab. A large amount of meat or chicken is placed in a layer on a rotating skewer and by turning the kebab near the fire, the meat is gradually grilled and cooked. 

To serve, they take the required amount of kebab and serve it with ingredients such as onions and peppers. Turkish kebab is one of the most popular dishes in Turkey and this type of kebab is served both as a sandwich and as a press.

Another popular dish in this country is Kokorec.

Kokorec is a delicious dish made from sweet lamb, small intestine and large intestine.

 After cleaning and washing all the ingredients, wrap them in a cast iron pan and then cook on the stove.

 When cooked on the heat, serve it with bread or with different spices alone. kokorec is widely consumed in Turkey, Azerbaijan and some other Turkish countries.

In other countries, such as the Balkans or Greece, foods similar to kokorec are cooked.

In the Balkans, it is called “Kokorozi” and in Greece it is called Kokortsi.

Turkish kokorec is different from the Balkans, but in Greece it is similar in terms of preparation and taste.

In the Balkans and Greek cuisine, they use lamb such as liver, heart, lungs, kidneys and so on.

In Turkey, we only use the small intestine, large intestine and thymus gland to make cocoon and do not add any other additives.

The main reason for this difference is the cultural difference between Turkish and other countries.

Today, kokorec is also very popular among foreigners and immigrants living in Turkey.

 It is so popular that even the Chinese Food Association sends its staff to China to negotiate with the Turkish Exporters Association for the 50MT monthly import of kokorec to China.

 Unfortunately, the Turkish authorities kindly refused to export because the monthly production of this excellent food hardly meets the demand of Turkey.


Where to eat kokorec?

In Turkey, there are countless restaurants and street food vendors where you can eat this delicious food.

 However, there is a famous restaurant called “Ozzie’s Kokoreç”.

It is located in Taksim district of Istanbul.

 This restaurant is very small, but  kokorec that made is amazing. This restaurant has been operating since 1968 and I strongly recommend you to go to this restaurant if you visit Istanbul.


How is it made?

Kokoreç is a type of food that you may not want to prepare yourself. Because, kokorec must be prepared very cleanly.

Lamb intestines should be well cleaned and suitable for consumption.

If you buy it from a street food vendor, you will usually serve it sliced ​​into bread.

 If you prefer to eat it in a restaurant, you can cut it into plates or finely chopped or round.

 It’s fine anyway, but most people prefer to eat it in bread crumbs instead of on a plate.

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