Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Why Every Leadership Style is Unique

Are you a fan of Business Leaders like Elon Musk, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, Indira Nooyi and many more? 

Do you aspire to be like them? And, spend most of your time reading about your favourite leaders, their professional and personal lives, their net worth and everything else?

People who demonstrate leadership qualities become the founder, chairman and CEO. of a company. 

We read their journey to learn about their leadership styles. Every leadership is unique, and many business factors decide how a leader should act. 

Read about Richard Warke’s net worth, Chairman, Augusta Group of Companies and Saul Feldberg, founder, Global Group. These businessmen’s success can give you more insights into modern business leadership styles. 

All successful business transformations come from top to down. Therefore, the leadership behind a company is as important as the people who work for them. The top management in any company is responsible for the brand image and the goodwill of the company.

Leadership in an organization defines challenging goals and leads the employees towards achieving them. They are the decision-making bodies who inspire their people to outperform their competition.

What is the importance of Business Leadership?

Business leadership connects the internal and external stakeholders and guides them towards the business goals. All other functions in an organization can lose focus without effective leadership.

Here are the reasons why business leadership is a crucial part of any business:

Defines the company’s vision: How would you feel taking up a journey with no destination. To reach somewhere, you must know where and how to go there. Business leadership is the guide that defines ‘where’ and ‘how’ to the people working for the business objectives.

Motivates people: A motivated employee is an asset to any business, and it’s the top management’s responsibilities to keep the employees motivated. A good leader invests in its people and gives them personal attention.

Takes strategic decisions: Quick decision making like demonstrated is imperative for a business to sustain in the highly competitive market. A decisive and assertive leader communicates the goals and agendas and sails the company through challenges.  For instance, take a look at Richard Warke’s net worth, which is a good indicator of his ability to make strategic decisions.

Delegates responsibilities and takes accountability: Leadership takes the business forward by taking calculated risks. They face uncertainties and guide the company in tough times. Leadership also understands what to delegate and with whom to share their responsibilities.

Educate and train the employees: A leadership communicates with the employees, does their timely assessment, understands their weaknesses and strengths and guides them to do better. They provide essential training and support to their employees to do better.

Communicate with the stakeholders: The business leadership is the brand image. They communicate about the company’s growth and answer their stakeholders’ queries. Their messages and communication help the stakeholders in taking important financial decisions.

Lead by examples: Where managers command their employees, business leadership sets the right example by stepping up. They inspire and motivate their employees by practicing what they preach. They credit the success of the organization to the employees and own the failures.

Business leadership is essential for a smooth functioning of any organization.

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