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Florida is more than just a party state: but partying is what some parts are proud to do the best!  There’s nothing like getting away from your daily life and slipping off to the beach state to get a chance at some relaxation.  Florida has something for everyone and will surprise you regardless of how long to stay in the state.

These are the top reasons people visit and why you should plan your vacation for Florida soon!

The Incredible Theme Parks

Perhaps the most popular part of Florida is its theme parks.  These are so well known that Orlando houses for sale go up in price during the park seasons. Of course, if you have kids, then the gardens are a must: but many adults enjoy them even if they’re not accompanying kids!  From Walt Disney World to Seaworld and Universal Studios: there’s something that can thrill anyone. So don’t be afraid to dig into your youth a little and have fun with it!

Beautiful Beach Towns

A close second behind the parks, the beaches of Florida are unlike any others!  The crisp white sand, the beautiful water with short waves, and incredibly warm weather made this state the ideal spot for any beach town. So whether you prefer the large blow-out popular beach towns, or you want a smaller and more remote village, you can find it in Florida!

Four Different State Identities

Florida is more than just a party state!  You can find easy, comfortable vibes on the panhandle or head more inland to get to know the marshes that are now a nationally protected habitat.  In southern Florida, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, and central Florida is full of theme parks.  Each of these areas has its own identity, brought together only by a need for mosquito bug spray.  Although it may seem strange that a state would have so many different identities, it works for Florida!  Every city and town feels like a brand new vacation spot.

Some of the Best Food in the Country

Florida has something for everyone when it comes to food, too!  There’s everything from southern comfort food to seafood and modern twists on both of them. In addition, Florida has many people who fly internationally to visit or move to the state when they immigrate to the USA, so there’s also a wider range of foods that may be uncommon in other parts of the country.

Inexpensive Places to Stay

As long as you’re not getting a hotel room in Orlando, you can’t find a cheaper place to rent a hotel room or house for a vacation! However, outside of the major cities, Florida is an incredibly affordable place to visit and stay the night.  There’s a wide range of rental spaces, from houseboats and tiny homes to full houses and mansions, depending on your budget.  It’s hard not to fall in love with this state and feel inspired to stay; remember that you can always come back for another incredible vacation!

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