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The Common Law Admission Test is an examination that helps the CLAT consortium to select eligible candidates to read in National Law University. The CLAT consortium conducts this exam in three stages every year. The 1st stage is the CLAT online test. The second stage is CLAT counseling, and the final stage is the merit list. In these three stages, the CLAT administration selects the CLAT candidates. But to qualify, you have to follow the previous CLAT Question paper.

Reading the previous CLAT question paper has its perks. The question paper comes with a CLAT Answer key that helps you prepare your best. Now you must be wondering why CLAT question papers? Why not mock tests? Well, if you are a CLAT aspirant, you must get used to the CLAT question patterns, sections, and difficulty level. And there is no better way to know all the matrices that are revising the previous year question paper. So, if you are a CLAT aspirant, here is why you should follow CLAT’s previous year’s question papers.

Real exam experience 

One of the greatest perks of going through the CLAT previous year question paper is real exam experience. You can come across the questions that aspirants have already faced. So, solving those questions again will offer you a real-time experience. 

You will also know about the questions and the time it takes to solve them. Moreover, solving previous year question paper will offer you real-time experience and will enhance your preparation. So, if you are a CLAT aspirant, you must go through the previous year’s CLAT question paper.

Makes you aware

Reading the previous year’s question paper makes you more aware of the CLAT exams. Most of the aspirants appear on the exams for the first time. So, rather than getting a nervous breakdown in the exam center, it is better to be aware of the exam. And there is no better way to be aware than reading the previous year’s question papers. 

By following the question paper, you can also know what move to take while appearing in your CLAT 2021. So, if you are preparing for CLAT, you must go through the CLAT questions once.


To get good grades in every exam, the most crucial quality that you need is time management. Knowing how to manage your time to answer all questions will help you answer maximum questions without missing one. So, if you are developing for the CLAT 2021, you must go through the question papers. It will offer you the best way to manage your time. Solving the previous year questions also let you know how much time do each question takes. So, you can boost your efficiency as per your need. 

You can also record time to see what time it takes to complete the paper without any error. This will increase your efficiency in appearing for the CLAT test. 

Wrapping up, this is why you should follow the CLAT questions from the previous year. If you are a CLAT aspirant, you should make sure; you are not missing any element in your preparations.

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