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Why Free SEO Tools Are So Popular

Anytime you visualize completing any project or starting your brick-and-mortar business, you will most likely begin by working out the tools and resources available to you. It’s astonishing the differences these tools and resources can make in completing your project on time.

The same principle applies to digital marketing, where you can work smarter and faster by using the right SEO tools. As helpful as these tools are, there are many reasons why free SEO tools are so popular. If you need convincing, here are a few reasons to clear your doubt.

SEO is expensive.


Search engine optimization is regarded as an expensive activity due to the time it takes to see results, the resources needed to create and maintain a campaign, and usually, the expertise you need to grow your SEO strategy. SEO doesn’t deliver results overnight. It requires time and the deployment of various strategies. For example, it could take at least a month to see results in search campaigns.

From performing an SEO audit to selecting your target keyword, improving your web page’s back-end, and optimizing your page SEO, it requires lots of work. There is so much to do, which can be particularly intimidating for a small business. Fortunately, budget-friendly digital marketing platforms like LinkGraph can help you achieve your SEO goals at less cost.

LinkGraph is a digital service platform offering a complete SEO software suite including on-page SEO, link building, social media advertising, UI/UX design, local and technical SEO, and other managed SEO services for small and large enterprises. In addition, their free SEO audit means you can perform a detailed analysis of your entire website to gain clear insight and actionable recommendations to improve your web metrics and digital marketing strategies.

Topple your competitor’s SEO strategy.

In the current competitive digital marketing climate, the use of dark and shady marketing and SEO tactics is very tempting. Yet the good news is, you can overcome that urge by spying on your competitors without breaking any ethical rules. Free SEO tools like Google Search Console can help gain valuable insights on SEO strategies employed by the competition. You get to see their rankings and recognize backlink and traffic sources and how their content performs on the various platforms.

Identify low-hanging fruits and keyword variations.

SEO tools can help you recognize those keywords you may have never thought about. They generate keywords and related variations for varying content use. Interestingly most premium SEO tools usually focus on those competitive keywords and utilize them for instant search results. However, this is not precisely the same with free SEO tools since it often directs you to the potential gold mines or less competitive keywords, which harbor the massive potential for generating conversions for your small business.

Make use of website analytics and data monitoring.

It is no surprise digital marketers use Google Analytics. It is a comprehensive tool for all data you require from your website. Almost every online tool depends on Google Analytics data to fill their resources and platforms through the Google API. Like few other free web tools, Google Analytics is a must-have for SEO professionals.

The data and analysis provided by the tool can enhance your SEO efforts and drive Return on Investment (ROI). You will have a total understanding of your site and gain valuable info into content, products, and marketing efforts.

SEO tools aren’t just helpful for measuring search engine results or conducting keyword research. In addition, you can acquire valuable information about your competition, detect SEO errors which can be a major ranking factor for your small business or website.

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