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Email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies in today’s world. A simple and most common example of email marketing is subscribing to a newsletter. Brands usually send updates regarding offers or discounts or new arrivals, etc. One survey states that 85% of online retailers think that email marketing is beneficial for increasing sales.

Let’s explore why an email might be the right marketing channel.

  • Getting customers: Email marketing has proved to be very useful in converting the audience to customers. According to a report by Custora, the rate of audience conversion to customers has increased by four times in the past two years. So, it is highly likely that email marketing is here to stay.
  • Personalization: Have you seen your name when you opened an email from your favorite brand? Yes? That is the personalization and customization tool in email marketing. One report states that personalized emails increase click-through rates by about 15%.

Digital marketers use market segmentation, which is essentially dividing the audience into groups. Each group receives a different email from the brand. If the software is used correctly, each person will have their name on it. 

According to a report by Mailchimp, segmented emails get 14.31% more click-through rates than otherwise. If you have a similar business, get in touch with a hospitality digital agency in Chicago to know more about market segmentation. 

  • Cost-effective: Email marketing costs next to nothing. It is convenient for start-ups and small business enterprises to switch to email marketing rather than spending hundreds of bucks on conventional advertisements. Besides, it reaches more customers and generates more ROI. So, why opt for a bad investment?  hospitality marketing agency Chicago offer lucrative deals personalized just for your business.
  • The magic of cell phones: One ring of the notification bell and we are skimming through the inbox. Whether you are on a subway or standing in a long queue at Taco Bell, you can check your emails from anywhere.  

Hence, it is essential to design emails in an optimized way. In a report by Adestra, it is said that 62% of users on a smartphone open 62% of emails, which concludes how crucial email marketing is.

Now that you know the benefits sign up for email marketing today and reap the benefits to grow your business. 

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