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Drones are a type of unmanned aerial vehicles that manoeuvre at high altitudes to give a view of a specific place, event or thing. Drones are becoming very popular now as many industries have identified how it can help them mint more profit. They are common in sports and film industry, but technology has seen other sectors like real estate take up drones. Drones enable potential property clients to view property comfortably from anywhere. The Phantom series drones are the most used and popular. For real estate marketers, models of the UAV hexacopter are useful for high standard property views.
This article gives insights on why real estate agents and other property marketers should make it a priority to invest in drones.

The benefits of investing in a drone to promote your property include:

1. Drones offer a precise array of property

Drones can be controlled to very high altitudes to take shots and videos of the whole property. Unlike traditional photography that may not be clear or may miss some crucial details when taking photos of a property, drones are accurate. The aerial pictures and video recordings are more versatile and give different angles and perspectives to look at a property such as a house. Clients get to see the full exterior view of a house within a short period. With a skilled drone controller,drone survey and mapping , clients can also get a well-detailed view of the interior of a house. Therefore, drones give accurate, sharp, and wide-angled pictures and videos.

2. Drones hint on property location

One of the critical things that a potential buyer asks before proceeding to consider or buy property is the location of the property. Drones significantly come in handy here, as the aerial views enable the client to see the neighbourhood and the environment around the house. They can spot social amenities, parks, walking pathways, tourist attractions, restaurants, pools and the landscape, among other things. The view of the property location provided by the drones enables a buyer to do a free house valuation.

3. Drones enable virtual tours

The client does not have to be physically present in the particular environment of the property. They can see it from the comfort of their home or office or the preferred location. Virtual tours are possible because the technology of drones enables one to see even what they could not know if they were on the spot.

With the display of interior, exterior and environment around in even 10 minutes, marketing becomes much easier and convincing. The videos and photographs enable real estate agents to tell an exciting and vividly described story. Virtual tours also eliminate the possibility of the clients asking many questions, as they are provided explicit footage taken by drones.

Drones also save time for the property marketer, seller and the buyer because, instead of physical time –consuming tours, clients can have virtual tours of the property through recordings of drones. In case a physical tour is necessary, the client will already have the view of the property in mind; hence the physical tour may not take much time.

4. It is a pocket-friendly way of marketing

Years ago, drones were few and expensive because they were entering the market and were still a new concept to most people. However, that has changed. Drones are now available at low prices. They are, therefore, an economical way of promoting real estate property. Instead of hiring photographers and videographers who may fail to give detailed quality results by missing some angles, or instead of hiring a helicopter, real estate agents should invest in drones. Drone photography saves you money by giving you more for less.

5. Drone photography attracts a variety of potential buyers

The pictures and videos taken by drones are vivid, and of excellent quality, they can increase your market by a large percentage. You can market the properties internationally and to online shoppers by uploading the videos and photos on different sites. People nowadays are attracted to quality pictures that give accurate angles. Thus, drones increase the chances of getting more views that can translate to potential buyers, unlike traditional photography.

Drone images can be transformed into 3D models using computer systems as they are clear and of startling quality. Through 3D visualization and 3D animations, drone images will be amazing, unique and different from other property sellers. They bring out an exceptional sense of reality feel in potential buyers, and that will fascinate your clients.


It is paramount that real estate agents involve technology in marketing properties. Drones make the property marketer stand out in the way they present property. Additionally, they can give a free house valuation without encountering many challenges that come with property estimation. Use of drones will also invite a unique value for the property because of the creative marketing skills employed.

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