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When passion hits us, it is difficult to escape. Overwhelming feelings and sensations start to arise that make the person want to be together all the time. Kissing, hugging, having sex or even just the company of the “loved” one is enough. But how do you know if it is really a deeper feeling that has born?

Some people think that it is all one thing, but in reality it is not. Excitement and love are two different things, even if both involve desire and sex.

Skokka and the incredible female escorts of Leicester, believe that knowing how to distinguish between the two can make all the difference in the way people relate to each other and therefore decided to explore the subject.


In technical terms, passion is an emotional manifestation, an affection, an appreciation, for someone or something. After all, one can also fall in love with things, such as a car, an animal, a job. This phase of passion is often very pleasurable and brings a high level of charm and fantasy. 

This should come as no surprise, as the brain of those in love releases dopamine, known as the hormone of pleasure and well-being. This hormone is released during exercise, meditation, sex and even when eating something appetising. This is where the question of whether you really feel the pleasure or just want to feel it comes into play.


Arousal is much more related to sexual desire and attraction, exactly what happens when you come in contact with a hot escort in Bundaberg. More organic and physiological factors come into play here, such as smell, touch and physical appearance. It is more a matter of fantasy, imagination and desire.

Why do they get confused?

People, on the edge of their own intimate abysses, sometimes seek to feel something… that is, anything. And it is then that the critical sense gives way to need and the stages of “healthy” escalation give way to relationships that are less and less structured and doomed to failure.

This lack of something that one does not know exactly what it is, blinds people and makes them less selective, seeking relationships with the intention of filling gaps that have not been elaborated throughout life. 

The danger of bringing lack into a relationship lies precisely in the fact of looking for something in the other that the individual lacks. And obviously, it is not possible for someone to replace the missing piece in another, relationships are not a game. In fact, for a relationship to have a better chance of working, both parties have to be “healthy” and healed of their inner wounds (or at least in the process of healing…).

Love always makes you better

Being in love makes you grow, makes you want the other person to see only the best in you. Lack is content with little… Few words, little attention, small attitudes, stingy, jealous, anxious…

And emotion? 

Emotion is like going to the supermarket when you are hungry, all you want is to open the package and eat everything inside. It’s the libido, the desire, the drive.

Social pressure 

However, there are still many taboos and social pressures on the subject, i.e. some people do not feel morally right to enjoy pleasure alone and therefore end up forcing themselves to get involved and possibly have a relationship.

Women are also under more pressure. In some cultures, a woman can only feel pleasure if she is both in love, and also if she has already had an affective involvement with that person, either by getting married, or by having a long-term relationship.

The good news is that we live in a time when science is striving to understand feelings. Psychologists and other professionals in the field have turned to research on the subject and have uncovered information that helps us to unravel and distinguish what each of them is.

Possible causes

There is a biological explanation behind this confusion, and that is that the physiological changes they cause in the body are very similar.

It is all due to a chemical-electrical reaction in the brain, which releases serotonin and sometimes clouds the rational understanding of the moment.

The hormones that are released also affect the stomach, making us feel the famous “butterflies”. It also triggers a series of changes, which accelerate the heart rate and breathing.

Interestingly, this is the same process we go through when we are in love, which leads to the possibility of confusing the different emotions if the context is not clear.

Thus, being aroused is more organic or primal, whereas falling in love is more of an elaboration, something fantastical, which consists of magnifying the other person and trying to discover them.

But this whole topic that the independent Mumbai escorts have so much experience with, could be a good start to analyse… Passion, excitement or both?

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