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Chevrolet is a name that is known to all. One of their new car Trax 2020 models is getting a lot of attention and demand for it is increasing also. This stylish, spacious, sub-compact vehicle is one of the best cars in this category. Hence, more people are booking it from Humble Chevrolet dealership. Before you visit the dealer and book one for yourself, know about this car in detail!

Price of variants

Chevrolet Trax comes in three different versions, which are LS, LT, and Premier versions. The base model LS which costs $22,295; mid-range version LT is available from $24,195; and the most luxurious version is Premier which is priced at $28,595.

Most people opt for the LT version as it is the modest one with all necessary features. The standard drivetrain is FWD, while for the AWD drivetrain; one will have to spend an additional $1,500. Also, one can opt for the Convenience LT package which offers amenities such as keyless entry, starting the car with push-button, the driver seat is power-adjustable in six-way.

Also, one should get a Driver Assistance package which offers aspects like parking sensors, monitoring blind spot and more. However, a number of people simply opt for the Premier version, as all of these facilities are available which makes driving this car a sheer pleasure for all.

Fuel economy and engine

Another reason for Trax’s high demand is its mileage and engine capacity. It comes equipped with a standard 1.4L turbocharged four-cylinder engine which produces a horsepower of 138. It takes about 9.3 seconds for reaching 0-60 mph when accelerating. Also, it provides 26 mpg when driving in a city and 31 on the highway and has a fuel tank of 14 gallons.

Though it offers quite the mileage on the highway, it is more suitable for driving around in the city. It is a steady and firm ride when it comes to handling. This ensures quick steering which makes it quite agile when parking. In addition, it has the strongest and best brakes in this category and pedal feel quite firm which inspires confidence when driving this vehicle. Get more details from Chevrolet dealership serving Humble.

Infotainment and safety features available

A standard 7-inch display is equipped in all models which function excellently. It has a remarkably quick response ability along with smartphone integration aspects like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Wi-Fi is standard; however, one will require having a subscription plan after the free trial expires.

It is one of the safest cars to drive in this category. NHTSA has rated it 5 stars for its safety features. Also, it crash tests offered impressive results. Some of the primary safety features which are available in the Premier version include warning for forwarding collision, monitoring blind spots, sensors for rear parking, and more.

You have all the details for the new Chevrolet Trax 2020 model and can understand why its demand is increasing these days. So, get in touch with a dealer and simply book one for yourself or your loved one today.

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