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Legalizing marijuana has been the topic of heated debates today all over the globe. Just recently, an Israel based company has said that Mumbai and Delhi are among the world’s top consumers of marijuana today. A separate writing about this even claims that these cities are ones of the cheapest in the world to easily get high in. They say it is pretty easy to get your hands on some Indian hemp.  

Then in Europe, there was a developing demand for the weed cafe culture being secretly organized in some areas. Activists wanted marijuana to be legalized in India during that time, but Uruguay went all in and became the first country to ever legalize recreational and medical cannabis use altogether, then followed by Canada.

India is surrounded by countries that are lax on their regulations in terms of cannabis. They are not that strict when it comes to marijuana consumption but it is the truth is entirely different inside India. Let’s try to understand why 

India and banned Marijuana marijuana or cannabis were banned in India.

The Conspiracy behind the 1985 Marijuana Ban in India

The truth is during the early recorded years in history, India was one of the first nations in written records to have cultivated and consumed marijuana as food and medicine, and used it as fibre for ropes. It was not all dark as marijuana was accepted and was used by nearby Islamic neighbours who smoke hashish instead of drinking alcohol which is forbidden.

Before the ban in 1985, Marijuana was allowed and was legal in India until the government of Rajiv Gandhi, who was then pressured by the US to do so as they did. 

The problem is, Marijuana was enjoyed and was loved by people from India’s rich history and that easily it can be said that cannabis is and was truly part of the Indian culture. In fact, the infamous Indian hemp was said to be the kind of hemp that was brought across to Egypt when the Persian rulers introduced this to them and eventually spread across the whole western hemisphere.

This is part of India’s beliefs as well as the Atharva Veda also says that Cannabis Sativa is one out of five known sacred plants. This is a source of happiness and this can give joy and as well a “liberator”. It was what held the ayurvedic industry in India and cannabis is known to be the “penicillin” in ayurvedic medicine.

Before that, in 1961, Americans pressured the UN convention to declare and place marijuana under the category of a synthetic drug, but India refused to sign it.

Modern Western Marijuana

Today, the US has legalized 27 states for medicinal marijuana and there are now 11 that have legalized both medical and recreational uses. Furthermore, around 40 countries worldwide have joined in and it is also partially legalized marijuana for medical usage.

The hemp industry accounts for around 44 billion dollars in today’s market and is expected to go higher with more developments coming in. It is just funny, that the people who were using and enjoying this magnificent plant is currently under a ban and has criminalized marijuana use for whatever purpose while the country who has pressured India to get the ban is now enjoying and advanced legal situation that they are now producing as much of the world supply for high-quality marijuana-derived products for medicine.

Today, it is as easy as 1,2,3 for anyone in the west to start growing their own supply of weed. Firstly, it is super easy to buy marijuana seeds online and the quality of the modern seeds today are the best they have ever been.

Plus, with the perfection of genetics and legal practices around marijuana, growers and cultivators are able to develop new super crops that are not only easy to grow but can also yield excellently. Modern marijuana has now developed into this market that has a holistic approach that can benefit people who need these plants to improve their current well being and quality of life. As this plant can actually bring happiness and joy as documented by the early humans.

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