Why men over 50 must consume multivitamins?

Multivitamins play an important role in an individual’s life but for Men above the age of 50, multivitamins should be mandatory in their diet plan. With the age, our body needs some nutrients to get heal or nourish by themselves and now as we all know, our regular diet lacks many important minerals and nutrients, and to fulfil all the needs of our body we need a helping hand of multivitamins. Here is a complete guide on how to choose best multivitamin for men over 50.

Why is the need?

Above 50 is the age when your eyesight starts getting weak day by day 

Or you suffer from regular back pain and even your hair starts falling. To control all these activities in your body, you need to take the necessary nutrients and vitamins as per the requirement or doctor’s prescription.

What are Multivitamins?

 Multivitamins are rich in vitamins, mineral and, nutrients which help your body to nourish or heal by itself even when your meals are not going on a proper schedule. An old age person lacks many important nutrients that are required by their body and Men over 50 should consume on a daily routine. It is very much common that Men or Women who are in their late 50’s, suffer from 

Skin disease, 


Weak eye-sights, 

Hair fall, 

Bad digestive system,

Liver issues,

Kidney problems, etc., 

Several vitamins provide important support to the system to repair the internal damages but it is hard to eat a particular vitamin on time at regular routine, sometimes we miss or forget to take any of them which is not acceptable for the health in their age group but multivitamins are made to erase these issues.

Multivitamins  contains vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, A, E, D2 which helps in recovering their deficiency of minerals and nutrition.

Multivitamins also provide a support system to their immunity which can further cure their health issues.

Calcium aids muscles, nerves, cells, and blood vessels work properly. You get most of it from your bones, which get it from food like milk, yogurt, and cheese but on a daily routine people avoid or forget to consume these consumables and end affecting their body with weak bones and muscles. 

Up to 30% of people over 50 have atrophic gastritis, which makes it harder for your body to absorb vitamin B12 from foods. It is an important vitamin as it helps make blood and nerve cells in the human body. Some anta-acids, weight-loss surgeries can contribute to a lack of vitamin B12.

Vitamin D helps your muscles, nerves, and immune system work right. The natural source of vitamin D is sunlight. It is hard to get enough vitamin D from food, but multivitamins fulfil the requirement of the body’s intake of vitamins. 

Vitamin B6 helps your body to fight germs and to make energy for itself. Some researchers have found connections between elevated B6 blood levels in seniors and better memory.

Magnesium aids your body produce protein and in turn strong bones, and it keeps your blood sugar stable. People who lack it are likely to have long-term health conditions or take any medications, both of which may leave you short of magnesium.

The role of Potassium in almost everything inside your body is perceived by experts .It includes your heart, kidneys, muscles, and nerves. It also may help protect against stroke and high blood pressure.

Fibre plays an important role in protecting against strokes, helps you poop more regularly, and lowers your cholesterol and blood sugar –big benefits in older bodies. Men and women over 50 should consume at least 25 grams of fibre per day. 

These are some of the vitamins and minerals which are a part of a healthy body and everyone should consume them and especially the men and women who are over 50 years, as per the requirement. To fulfil the requirements of our body’s minerals and vitamins requirements, in taking multivitamins is very important.so that all the needs of your body can be fulfilled and you can perform all your daily routine activities by staying healthy.

Now a day, market is flooded with myriads of brands for multivitamins. And not all multivitamins brands work miraculously for everyone. So don’t just fell into prey for just any brand of multivitamin. Do consult your doctor before starting in taking multivitamins.

Stay healthy stay safe.

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