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As a gym owner, you know the costs involved in keeping customers happy. As well as training, you need to pay for all the best equipment. With this in mind, you’re going to learn why bumper plates are a strong investment for gyms today!

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What are Bumper Plates?

Firstly, bumper plates are weights but designed differently from what you might find on a dumbbell or barbell. For example, they’re either made exclusively from rubber or contain a rubber ring around the outside. If you’ve ever watched weightlifting in the Olympics, you will have seen these bumper plates because the athletes use them on the stage. Perhaps you’ve wondered how they drop the weights from a height without causing damage to either the weights themselves or the stage? The (not so!) secret is bumper plates.Celtic Iron Fitness are experienced and personal training berwick in Berwick.  We can help bring out the best in you and your body transformation goals.

Most commonly, the plates have a rubber ring around the outside and this allows for a softer landing than normal.

Benefits of Investing in Bumper Plates

Most gym owners will see the word ‘Olympics’ and assume that bumper plates are expensive as a result. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. What’s more, the durability and other benefits ensure that bumper plates are an investment rather than just another expense for the business. Here are the main benefits of buying bumper plates from NC Fitness Australia!

Protect the Flooring

If you currently wince every time a customer drops a weight on the floor, bumper plates will provide the protection you need. As gym-goers perform high pulls, presses, snatches, and other movements, they can drop the weight from a distance without causing damage to the weight or flooring.

With this small investment, you protect a much larger investment in the flooring. Therefore, you recoup the cost by not having to replace the flooring (or even maintain it as frequently).

Many gym owners start with iron weights because they’re the cheaper option, but they’re more expensive in the long term because of the damage they cause to flooring. This doesn’t give all customers permission to start experimenting and dropping bumper plates from the ceiling, but it helps against general usage.


Another reason they make a good investment is that they don’t rust when wet or when the conditions are humid. The rubber wrapped around the outside does more than just protect the floor. It prevents rusting and other age-related concerns. Therefore, it makes fiscal sense for a gym with an ambition to make their equipment last the test of time. Otherwise, you’ll be shopping for replacement weights in no time.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Let’s not forget; these plates are used in the Olympics. As a result, you can be sure that customers are using them without causing injuries and other damage. If somebody does one rep too many, they can drop the plates without injuring themselves. With iron plates, people worry about getting the bar back onto the stand. With rubber around the outside, this is no longer a priority.


Not only will your wallet love bumper plates, but your customers will too. Why? Because they are versatile and flexible for different workouts. You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy an Olympic-quality workout, and bumper plates provide this flexibility.

Less Noise

Finally, after several shifts in a row and with a pounding headache, a gym isn’t always the most welcome place with treadmills constantly running and people clanging weights. While steel and iron weights make noise, bumper plates are much quieter and only give a soft thud even when dropped.

In case this wasn’t enough, the rubber covering allows for better weight accuracy!

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