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When talking about luxury vehicles, one of the companies which come to mind always is Audi. Their premium vehicle category has gems which people love to purchase from car dealerships in Bakersfield. One of the most talked about luxury cars from Audi is the S4 2020 version. 

This high performing machine received several updates in its 2020 version which involved exterior styling; from new designs for wheel and grille to rear and front bumpers, exterior mirrors, and more. 

Let’s take a look at this car in detail!


  • Power under S4’s hood 


To offer power colossal power under the hood, each model is equipped with V6 3L engine with automatic 8-speed transmission. Also, Quattro AWD drivetrain is available for the thrills of driving. The engine response was huge and make sit faster than its rivals in this car segment. 

Though it doesn’t offer manual transmission, this V6 equipped vehicle provided significant thrust when needed and transitions seamlessly between responsive and relaxed. Moreover, the automatic gear box has reaction which is perceptive; it eliminates one to feel to go for manual shifting. 

When going through numbers, one can easily check out that S4 stands above its competitors when it comes to performance. Chassis has great strength with firmly handling body motions. Along with these, the compliant damping makes it a balanced luxury and sports sedan equally. 

Coming to its control; this car offers accurate steering, tenacious grip, and remarkable cornering stability. In addition, it offers tremendously responsive brakes. All of these help in moving fast on a highway as well as cruise calmly in a city. 

Also, it offers a mileage of 20 mpg when in a city and 27 mpg when on a highway which is more than enough for this powerful vehicle. Now check out its versions and amount you need to spend to get it from Kern Country car dealer


  • Prices and version available 


Since this is a luxury vehicle the base model which is Premium costs $50,895. The mid-level model is Premium Plus which costs $53,395. Lastly, the top-tier one Prestige is priced at $59,345. 

Getting the Premium Plus model doesn’t add horsepower or anything like that. However, since this is a luxury vehicle, it does add a series of luxury features which makes every day ride in it exciting. It will have things like several driver assistance features to keyless entry, and more. However, since you are purchasing a luxury vehicle, most people are suggested to opt for the Prestige model. 


  • Infotainment and connectivity


One of the striking features of this vehicle is its 10.1-inch display at center console. It is a quick responsive system and is user-friendly. With controlling knobs and buttons using this is quite easy for all. It comes with standard Bluetooth, Android Auto and Apple Carplay for streaming and more. 

These are some of the things which one should know about, if he/she is planning to buy a luxury vehicle in 2020. Hence, opt for a test drive of 2020 version of Audi S4 before making a decision of buying any other vehicle. 

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