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Most of us have the habit of playing lottery games, right? If so, then don’t spend much of your valuable money in fraud online betting sites. It is because; Teer game is here which helps you to win real money within a short period of time. In order to play the game, you have to predict the lucky number from 0 to 99. Of course, a newcomer may have a big question, “What is Teer game and how to play”, right? If so, then sit and relax…!! Here we offer complete details about the teer game!!

Well, Teer game is a traditional game which is commonly enjoyed in the north eastern parts of India such as Assam, Shilong, Meghalaya and a lot more. Khanapara teer results is very popular and offer thrilling experience to the participants. It is a common game in which the archers strike the arrows on the objective area. Alongside, the participants need to predict the lucky number after the completion of game the winner will be announced officially online!!

How to play teer game?

Teer game is conducted twice a day. Except Sunday, teer is played all the days and 50 players participated in each round. The archers will strike the objective with their shots which is not less than 300 and not exceeds more than 1000. For archers, they offer             Rs.300 per session. Every round, 5 officials count the number of arrows strikes the target after the game is complete. From the total value of the shots, officials announce the last two numbers of the total arrows as the winning digit.

For example, if the total shots would be 4678 in the sense, then 78 is the winning prediction and it will be announced that day itself officially in the online site.  If you want to participate in the Khanapara teer results, then you need to complete the age of 18 and then collect the ticket from the authorized sellers. And also, it is a must to bring age ID proof to the ground since your prediction wins then the officials will check the age. So, keep all your documents safe and bring to the play ground.

How to check teer results online?

If you want to know the results, then don’t worry…! Online is here which helps you to know the results just from the comfort of the place. In order to predict the winning result, you have to work hard. Yes, get ready to check the common numbers and previous results of teer game and so you will get a chance to guess the right and accurate number. Though you are guessing with some formulas, it is all about the lucky of the person. If you are lucky enough, then surely you will a game on that day and able to reap more money.

Results display may be delayed due to some technical errors and system failure. If you are the one who is participating in the game, then check the results right now online!!

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