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Rare Silver coins are considered the second-best form of currency for a reason. Silver coins are a whole lot better than gold coins for a collector to own. They have different benefits compared to their rare gold coins, e.g. they have greater visual appeal, are less costly, better investment, better collector value, have a better value to weight ratio, and are less expensive to maintain, etc.

Discussed below are reasons why rare silver coins are way better than gold rare coins

1) Greater Visual Appeal

Silver is much more reflective, which makes the subject of your coin pop out at you. Silver is highly undervalued in the rare coin world when compared to gold coins, but they are often more aesthetically appealing. This means that you can get more beauty for your money when you buy silver coins.

2) Less Cost

Silver coins are also a whole lot cheaper than gold coins, which means more can be bought for less money. Collectors often start by purchasing proof sets, which contain a number of coins. The proof set is cheaper than the individual coins that it contains because they are produced in the most cost-effective way and no effort is made to preserve their value. Not only are rare silver coins generally cheaper than their gold counterparts, but they are also easier to find. Gold is difficult to find, and it takes many years of digging before something is found. Silver can be found in abundance very close to the surface of the ground.

3) Better Investment

Silver coins are a much better investment than gold coins. This is mostly because silver has been a cheaper alternative to gold as a metal. Silver is more abundant as well as much more malleable, making it easier to produce coins from it. Additionally, there is more demand for silver coins as part of jewelry making, this kind of demand  increases their value even further.

4) Better Collector Value

The better visual appeal of silver coins make them better collectibles than gold coins. They are also more widely collected, which means that they have a greater value on the rare coin market.So if you’re into buying and selling collectibles, you should definitely look to invest in some silver coins together with your other collections


5) Have a Better Value to Weight Ratio

Again, when compared to rare gold coins, rare silver coins are much more lightweight. This means that you can carry a lot of silver coins in the same bag you would normally use to store gold coins. Silver is a much more fluid metal, which adds a unique twist to coin collecting.

6) Less Expensive to Maintain

Rare silver coins are also easier to care for than gold coins. One of the main concerns for beginning coin collectors is having to properly store their coins. The coins are used in circulating currency, they can be stored in a home safe or even eaten as an emergency food source, this means that they do not need to be stored with professional coin storage companies. Silver coins make it more convenient for collectors to store their coins and handle them with ease.


It is definitely a good idea for collectors to at least have a few rare silver coins in their collection. They are so much better than gold coins that they should never be excluded from a collection. As we have seen above, rare silver coins are the best way to go when you’re looking to start a coin collection.

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