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When ranchers and ranch managers seek out bull semen for sale, there are a wealth of factors that have to be considered, so that the right decision can be made. Too often, ranchers and ranch managers neglect the importance of fertility until it is too late. By taking the time to address fertility issues with even one male, these decision-makers can have a positive effect on an entire herd.

If a reproductive failure takes place with a male, the costliness cannot be underestimated. These are the most crucial factors that can affect a purchase and they will play a major role when it comes time to find the best bull semen for sale.

Warding Off Disease

Ranches can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the sale, purchase and use of cattle semen will help to prevent disease transmissions that can take place inside of the reproductive tract. When high-quality bull semen is used, the calves’ genetic quality is greatly improved. Natural semination may work fine at the moment but over time?

Purchasing high-quality bull semen is the way to go, as all it takes is one bull to sire an entire herd under these circumstances. This is far more efficient than other strategies that a rancher or ranch manager might end up using. Livestock production is made simple when ranchers invest in the necessary labor to artificially inseminate. The cost to benefit ratio here is out of sight, in the best way.

Establishing The Proper Physical Characteristics

Every rancher or ranch manager is going to have their preferred physical characteristics and purchasing high-quality bull semen for sale is the best way to guarantee them. In fact, these managers cannot depend on their herds to handle this by themselves. In many instances, they are going to have a number of infertile bulls in their own herd, whether they realize it or not.

While there are breeding soundness exams that can be performed that will let a rancher or ranch manager know whether their bulls are in the proper physical condition, many will simply opt to purchase bull semen for sale. This allows them to bypass all of the annoyances that come with a testing process. Across a random population, at least one out of every five bulls is going to be infertile.

Heightened Nutrition

Once breeding season rolls around, the health of a bull is going to be of the utmost importance. Purchasing the proper bull semen for sale is how the best ranch managers start a truly productive cycle. If the young, developing bulls are not cared for in the right way, their nutrition will suffer and ranchers that rely on natural insemination are unable to establish the necessary ecosystem for their cattle. Without access to the necessary bull semen for sale, the herd is also going to be underdeveloped.

An underdeveloped herd is going to cause all sorts of added issues for the ranchers and ranch managers. Puberty is delayed and the semen quality is not nearly as good. On the other hand, overdevelopment is equally problematic. These herds will also experience decreased sperm production, which is why many ranchers will simply find the best semen for sale, as a means of avoiding these types of concerns over the long haul.

Improving The Bull to Cow Ratio

The importance of a proper bull-to-cow ratio cannot be overstated. When ranchers do not maintain the bull to cow ratio in their pastures, they are left with all sorts of unwanted problems to deal with. If the ratio is off, the pregnancy rates can become much lower and ranch managers are left with too much bull power during the breeding season. Semen quality plays a massive role here as well, causing many ranch managers to thoroughly consider all of their options.

In order to determine the parameters of a breeding program, the rancher must differentiate between their younger bulls and older bulls. Older bulls tend to provide a number of different benefits in this regard, as mature bulls (in most instances, this includes all those who are four years of age or older) are able to provide service to at least 30 to 40 cows. This holds true as long as all of the other conditions are favorable, providing ranches with the tools they need to maintain a proper ratio.

Avoiding Inattentiveness

Sure, ranchers and ranch managers can rely on natural semination during the breeding season, but it is not the smartest strategy from an attentiveness standpoint. When ranchers are not paying close attention during breeding season, there is no shortage of problems that may occur. The problems that can take place during this time of year are harder to detect and by the time most ranchers are made aware, it is too late to provide any sort of meaningful assistance.

Ranchers and ranch managers who rely on artificial insemination are more likely to keep a closer eye on their herds than those who rely on natural semination. It’s not an intentional decision that is made by most ranchers, but it is something to consider, nonetheless. The ranchers who take the time to monitor behavioral and physical issues during breeding season are always going to have more success than those who do not.

The more ranchers know about why they should buy bull semen for sale, the better off they are going to be. Of course, there are always going to be questions that must be answered. Even the most well-read ranch managers are going to have additional concerns that they cannot always address on their own.

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