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When we have a company, there are two fundamental factors that will help the smooth running of it: trust and security. These two elements will also help you maintain a good relationship with your employees.

The wave of insecurity is in a growing phase in the face of the billions of businesses in the market. Of these hundreds, 94.3% are micro businesses and another 4.7% are small businesses. In this sense it is absolutely necessary to start taking measures.

Armed robbery is not the only threat to businesses. The methods are diverse, some may seem non-existent, but over time they will reflect negatively. Methods such as ant theft, theft of money or supplies are becoming more and more frequent.

Faced with this clearly unfavorable situation, you should take into account some actions that will allow you to protect your company, the merchandise and also your employees. These actions can be:

●     Emergency contacts

When an irregular situation arises, it is best to have the numbers of the authorities so that they can go to the site and evaluate the situation through a security protocol. It is not always the best thing to do in these cases, but if the situation warrants it, it is better to leave the job to the police, otherwise acting by our own means may cause more problems.

●     Having a video surveillance system

A Customized security system will always be the best way to monitor what happens around our company, both within it and in the area where it is located, also if there is any irregularity in the warehouses where the merchandise may be guarding. In case of an incident where it is necessary to conduct an investigation, this will be the best evidence to expedite the solution of the crime committed.

●     Order and Control

To prevent situations such as theft that can affect both the counters, the warehouse and the profit, the best thing to do in these cases is to have a good accounting system that allows you to keep track of the profits generated per day and the merchandise in stock.

These mechanisms will allow you to keep a record when an irregularity occurs, whether it is a monetary or in-kind loss. Keeping clear accounts will help you avoid misunderstandings with your workers. Especially in those cases where the worker on duty is not responsible for the initial problem.  It is also excellent to opt for a security camera system in front of these vulnerable points. That is why an indoor security camera is one the best solutions.

●     Support

An agreement can be reached with the authorities for regular patrols. If a much more serious situation arises, in which you feel distrustful of your employees, it is extremely important to talk about it with everyone and make it clear that everything that affects the company will also end up hurting the employees and this will end up directly affecting their families. It is important to help them understand that taking care of the company means guaranteeing the well-being of everyone. Each employee must have a sense of belonging to the company and to his or her job, this will help all the pieces fit together and work correctly.

Nowadays we are living in an unfavorable situation, in which we are constantly witnessing assaults and robberies of those small and medium-sized companies.

That is why it is so important to take security measures since security system installation by professionals will act as a serious deterrent to criminals and anyone carrying out illegal activities. Remember that employees must be in constant training so that they can understand the importance of maintaining a good functioning of the company to ensure the welfare of the same, help them understand that material things can be replaced, but life and peace of mind I have theirs and yours, not.

At Security iCam we want to remind you how important it is to have a good security system and to take the necessary measures in any situation. Safeguarding your company and your capital does not have to become a difficult job, that is why we want to offer you our services so that you can comply with the proper functioning of your business and that it can continue to grow more and more in a safe way.  Do not expose yourself to irregular situations that only harm your growth, take all the precautions.


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