Tue. May 21st, 2024
Why Should Companies Switch to Hyperscale Data Centers?

The significant advancements in technology have led to customers wanting to get things done in an instant. This demand led to the development of cloud-based computing and large data storage facilities so that huge volumes of data can be processed in real-time and converted into actions instantaneously. Technologies such as self-driving cars, industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things (IoT) rely on a network of sensors, computers, and devices that need to communicate with each other in real-time. Because of this, there is a huge volume of data that must be processed. This amount of computing power will require the use of hyper-scale data center companies.

What Are Hyperscale Data Centers?

The concept of a Hyperscale Data Center is relatively new; therefore, there is still no concrete definition. The International Data Corporation (IDC) defines it as any data centre with at least 10000 square feet of available space to house a minimum of 5000 active servers. When you compute the amount of area needed for a centre to be considered hyper-scale, it should have a ratio of 1 server for every square foot of available space. There is another definition offered by the Synergy Research Group, which defines a Hyperscale Center in terms of its ability to scale its IT companies infrastructure and services for companies they serve based on cloud, e-commerce, and social media requirements.

To simplify its definition, hyper-scale data center companies provide client companies with extensive computer architecture that can be scaled according to the clients’ requirements. These centres control a multitude of serves that are used for storage, computing, and networking capabilities. These servers are clustered together and are managed as one single entity dedicated to a client company.

What Are the Benefits of Using Hyperscale Data Centers?

Hyperscale centres are mostly used by large corporations such as Amazon and Google. However, more and more companies are switching to Hyperscale Centers as well. Companies that hire the services of these data centres will get the following benefits.


Hyperscale centres will help your company develop, install, and manage business solutions and deploy them quickly to your staff and clientele.

Reduced Losses Due to IT Downtime

When the IT infrastructure of a company is down, the company may suffer financial losses. Hyperscale centres have invested huge amounts of money in ensuring that downtime will be lessened or eliminated. Likewise, when a company’s internal IT infrastructure shuts down unexpectedly, the data stored in their servers may get corrupted or deleted. It would take IT personnel significant amounts of time to figure out what went wrong and ensure that they address the compliance issues before rebooting the system. With Hyperscale centres, any downtime will be addressed immediately.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Switching to hyper-scale data center companies will allow companies to free up their IT personnel to focus on more important tasks such as ensuring customer satisfaction or product development and research.


When companies use hyper-scale cloud centres, they may do away with their internal servers, saving them a lot of money. Maintaining an internal IT infrastructure within the company premises is both expensive and time-consuming. Likewise, when your company grows, you will need to increase the number of your servers. With a hyper-scale data centre, you can choose a subscription plan based on what your company currently needs without paying for unnecessary services. Once your company grows, you can scale your computing needs along with your growth.

Small companies may find their IT infrastructure enough for their needs. However, as companies grow, their need for more storage space and computing capabilities will increase. Switching to hyper-scale data center companies will be the norm in the future.



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