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Car accidents are a grim reality today, given the saddening statistics. 

According to WHO, over one million people die yearly from auto accidents, while about 50 million suffer from non-fatal injuries, with many suffering a disability.

With these astonishing statistics, any motor vehicle accident victim should hire a personal injury lawyer after an accident. Car crashes cause significant economic losses to the nation, an individual, and their family. That is why a lawyer is important to help maneuver the legal system for justice and damages for such losses. Here’s why you should hire a personal injury lawyer.

1. Legal Representation

Most people don’t understand the legal system and how the car accident process works. As such, most of them casually exchange their insurance details and contacts with the other party and are clueless about what steps to take next. However, depending on the severity of an accident, you may need to pursue a claims action.

That is where a personal injury lawyer comes in You can consult with Orlando Wrongful Death Lawyers on the claim to file and how the system works. This way, they provide legal representation during the hearing to increase your chances of a fair case and ruling.

Your attorney will collect admissible evidence, file the case, and represent you throughout the case period. In addition, they explain what to expect from the case, what to do or say during the whole case period, and what the court decides at the end of the case. In short, you can stop worrying about the case and leave that to the lawyer. This gives you peace of mind to recover from injuries from the car crash.

2. Evaluate Damages

With a personal injury lawyer, you have higher odds of obtaining extensive damages, especially in negligence cases. The lawyer properly evaluates damages, something you may not do effectively on your own because you don’t know all the rights and compensation you are entitled to, depending on the nature of the accident.

3. Negotiate for Better Settlements

Most insurance companies offer unfair and inequitable deals. Often, they offer compensation that’s too little to cover your damages. Your lawyer evaluates your case and provides evidence to ensure you get fair compensation for your injuries and damage to property.

Your attorney helps you recover any non-economic and economic damages like lost income, medical treatment reimbursement, damage to your car, and pain and suffering. The more experienced the lawyer is, the more the likelihood of a better outcome.

4. Save You Money

Personal injury lawyers charge fairly, usually a third of your entire claim. This means they have a contingency they use. This way, you pay for nothing upfront and will only pay them when you obtain your monetary compensation. This arrangement eases your financial burden, especially where you suffered serious injuries and can no longer work or you don’t have ready cash to pay the lawyer upfront.


Although you can file an insurance claim on your own where the value is low, it is always wise to consult a personal injury lawyer who is more knowledgeable about your state’s laws regarding auto accidents. Most attorneys offer free case evaluations as a review of your situation. So, contact an attorney to find out how they can help you.

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