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With 3.5 billion social media users worldwide by the finish of 2020, and this amount constantly on the increase, it’s no miracle that trades have found influencer advertising to be so fruitful. Let’s look at the benefits of employed with influencers for 2021.

Consider your goals

First, think around your goalmouths. Before you start contacting influencers and starting a campaign, it is important to understand your goals.

1. Consider the caring of campaign you need.

Are you looking to hire influencers for a single product? Are you looking to build brand awareness? This is an important determinant of your campaign’s success.

You should build a trusting company with an influencer if you want to increase brand awareness. If you only want to promote one product, however, you might consider a shorter contract with an influencer who is best suited for that product.

2. Consider the timing of your campaign.

Campaign success can depend on timing. You should consider whether your produce is suitable for a specific period or if there are sales coming up. If the influencer is promoting a discount product, customers are more probable to take notice. While you might want to establish a long-term partnership, consider when promotional content should be posted according to sales.

3. Consider your target audience.

Next, consider who you want to attract. Signing an influencer from a different audience than yours can mean you lose a lot of potential customers. Consider your current spectators and the potential customers you want to target with this campaign. This will allow you to find influencers who have followers who represent your brand.

Find the right influencers

Once you have your goalmouths clearly usual out, you should reflect how to find influencers that can effort well with you. Now that you know who your board audience is, how can you analyse them? You might consider using Heepsy, an influencer advertising platform. You can find over 11 million influencers around the world, along with data such as audience growth rate, age, gender, authenticity metrics, and audience insights.

Your budget is an important consideration. Are you looking to effort with micro influencers who will often only accept products as payment? Do you prefer to effort with macro influencers who often charge high monetary fees? You can use Heepsy to hunt for both.

Platform and Content

Next, consider what content can be shared on each communal television platform. This will depend on your target audience and determine which social media stage you choose. While Facebook remains the most popular platform, Instagram is becoming more prevalent for influencer marketing. It’s also important to mention that there are new stages like Tik Tok, which was launched in 2020.

You should consider the various media types available and determine what content your influencer would prefer to share. If your creation requires an in-depth appraisal, a tutorial, unboxing, or alike video content, then YouTube influencers could be for you. IGTV, IG Live and other upgrades have been made to Instagram. This is great for a single campaign, such as a product launch. Video gratified is typically used to promote a particular produce.

In a long-term teamwork, Instagram influencers often promote finished posts and stories. This is a great alternative to video content but it’s still a good deal. You could get regular stories and posts, such as giveaways, before-and-after looks, styling tips, and other content that doesn’t require long videos.

If you touch like YouTube and Instagram aren’t ticking all the containers, then you may want to consider working with TikTok creators. In 2019, the platform was a hit and it has since become the most transferred app in 2020. TikTok has been a popular platform for marketing content. It is a kind of in-between video and photo platform. You can record short videos up to 60 seconds, but most are limited to 15 seconds. TikTok stars have promoted many different products in this time limit. Even McDonald’s has managed to employ some of the most well-known Tik Tokers!

McDonald’s has hired Tik Tok users with more than a million followers to promote their brand and new products. Unintentionally, McDonald’s has started to use TikTok hashtags that go viral with many users who aren’t necessarily influencers. The hashtag #mcdonaldshack is used to showcase ‘hacks’ that can improve your McDonalds experience. It also features the #mcdonaldschallenge where users try to wrap as many hamburgers as possible in as short a time as possible.

Calvin Klein, on the other hand, has taken a traditional approach to TikTok using their #mycalvins hashtag. The company has also hired TikTok experts to create videos with this hashtag. They have seen millions of Calvin Klein products being displayed to the hashtag by users. This shows the importance of hashtags and how by learning about the top hashtags and how to create your own, you can gain an incredible amount of brand awareness worldwide.


We can conclude that an influencer marketing campaign can increase your sales in 2021, and also improve brand awareness.

Your competitors will soon follow the lead of yours by using social media. Don’t wait, get started today on your campaign!

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