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It is said that it is not the packaging that matters, but what’s inside. Sometimes, it’s not entirely true. The box in which your products are sent is essential not just for safety and protection reasons. Why should you choose quality magnetic closure boxes? Find it out!

Magnetic boxes – what they actually are?

Magnetic closure boxes are packaging items made with sturdy cardboard which is known for its high quality and durability. They have a flip-top lid magnetic lock. This type of packaging is characterized as versatile, aesthetic, and solid. Thus, it can be used for various products.

Magnetic gift boxes are available in various sizes and colors. You can order a box with your personalized message or logo. The gift box can be customized inside and out to fulfill even the highest expectations of the customers.

Magnetic closure boxes – what are they used for?

Magnetic gift boxes are a perfect type of packaging, that can be used for almost all products. But they are most frequently chosen for luxury goods. The magnetic shut boxes provide the most premium unboxing experience, which gives the customers the feeling of luxury and uniqueness of the product they just purchased.

Magnetic boxes can be perfect packaging for high-end products, as well as luxury goods. A magnetic gift box is a popular choice for packaging electronics, perfumes, cosmetics, apparel, jewelry, or food & beverage.

What are the advantages of a magnetic gift box?

If you want every order to be an extraordinary experience for your customers, the right packaging is essential. Why choose luxury magnetic gift boxes?


A personalized, high-quality box can be a gift in itself as it pleases the eye. Such boxes don’t just land in the trash, they can be reused. They’re not just practical but also environmentally friendly.


The visual aspect of the packaging is not inappreciable. Customers value stores that take an effort to create a good first impression.


Custom boxes with the name and logo of the company can contribute to increased recognition and build brand awareness. Customers these days pay a lot of attention to such details as packaging.

Magnetic closure gift boxes – where to order them?

If you want your brand to stand out, ship your products in magnetic closure gift boxes. If you’re looking for a proven manufacturer of magnetic boxes, look no further than in riBOX. They work with small companies and large enterprises delivering high-quality cardboard products. Contact riBOX specialists to determine the details of your order, for example, order quantity, turnaround time, or shipping costs.


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