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When it comes to guitar lessons, TrueFire has earned a solid reputation for itself for being one of the best resources to learn guitar online. First launched in 1991, TrueFire has been helping students for more than 28 years now, and boasts a collection of more than 40,000 video lessons, 700 courses, and an army of top-class guitar teachers to guide learners in every step of the process. In this article, we will review TrueFire, discuss why it is one of the most comprehensive guitar lesson resources, and have a look at some of its flaws that should be considered when choosing a guitar course.

  • Ideal for Advanced Players – When it comes to material for intermediate and advanced players, TrueFire has just so many courses to get your teeth stuck into. In fact, it’s a little overwhelming. You can learn everything from the major styles like Jazz, Acoustic Blues, Country, and Rock. Niche subgenres include Gypsy Jazz, Bebop, Power, Ballads, and Surf Guitar. Experienced players can bypass the first head of courses and head straight to advanced levels. Each of these core courses come with a selection of supplementary courses that offer extra tuition. For example, you could begin playing Jazz Guitar for rhythm approaches (which is a core course) and then, move on to 30 jazz guitar rhythms. How you progress is up to you. If you like flexibility and know the stars you want to learn, the possibilities here are endless.
  • Experienced Instructors – TrueFire offers a huge list of more than 200 award-winning guitar educators, the world’s best session players, and a handful of absolute icons. These include Steve Vai, Larry Carlton, Tommy Emmanuel, and Robin Ford. The instructors share various guitar secrets that are beneficial to guitarists throughout their careers. Also, huge choice and pedigree of these instructors really cement TrueFire as one of the leaders in the field. As with many other sites, some instructors are more enthusiastic and engaging while others come across as a little more subdued. However, overall, it’s really hard to criticize the huge selection.
  • Design – The site is very simple. Everything is clean and laid out sensibly. However, It’s not the most exciting of designs and falls a bit short on visual appeal when compared to other platforms like Fender Play. With a simple menu navigation at the top of the page, it almost feels like a WordPress blog adapted to fit this huge tutorial site, but overall that’s not really a bad thing. Everything you need is right where you want it. The courses are nice to browse through—kind of like an old movie rental place. You browse the title, thumbnails, and choose what appeals to you the most.

Final Thoughts

TrueFire offers plenty for advanced guitar players as well as beginners, however, it’s more geared toward experienced guitarists looking to achieve excellence in this art.

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