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Red Tulips for valentine's day

Having a gorgeous bulb-like appearance, Tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

But what makes them so special? Why should you give them on Valentine’s Day?

Rethink before you send Valentine flowers as I unveil some of the exciting facts about one of the most romantic flowers in the world.

Native to central Asian countries, these flowers originated in Turkey and Persia, it was the ancient custom in Turkey to tie a tulip on the turban. These bulb-shaped blooms have the tendency to bend towards sunlight even if you put them fresh-cut in a vase in your living room.

Meaning of Tulips                                                          

Whatever color you choose, in general, all tulips signify “perfect love”. However, every single tint of these adorable flowers carries deeper and specific meaning with a special message when you send flowers to mumbai to your beloved.

Red: When you just want to convey your truthfulness in love, these are ones representing true and deep love. They are also the official flowers for your 11th wedding anniversary. Hence, those in a mature relationship deserve these blossoms.

Orange: When you feel that you are emotionally and physically connected to a person, express these feelings with vibrant orange tulips that also signify admiration and understanding in love.


White: Did you have a tiff with your partner a few days back?

If so, these are the ideal flowers to buy bouquet online for you on Valentine’s Day this year. These serene flowers represent an apology. All you need is a box of handmade dark chocolates and a beautifully arranged bouquet of these divine pristine white florets to explore how sorry you are about everything that has happened. This will cheer up your sweetheart who will definitely forgive you.

Purple: The elegant purple tulips are associated with royalty. Honor the beauty of your lady love with these majestic-hued flowers to show that she is the queen of your heart.

Yellow: Though traditionally, these flowers represent incompetent love and jealousy, the modern concept has a whole lot happier meaning. According to contemporary interpretation, these flowers symbolize cheerful thoughts, hope, and friendship.

Hence, if you are looking to gift something to a special friend on this Valentine’s Day, these elegant blooms are perfect for rejuvenating the mood. If you are going to enjoy your 1st Valentine’s Day in life, then you need to try some different romantic ideas for 1st Valentine’s Day.

Blue: These are hybrid breeds and found rarely with very few florists. Since they are not quite available as the other hues of tulips; they are characterized by uniqueness and scarcity. If your bae is exceptional and bears an esteemed persona, bestow these flowers to praise these qualities of the special person.

Rarest of the deep bluish tulips having closeness to dark purplish hues often appear black in dull lights. Also called the Queen of the Night, these flowers are the ideal symbol of uniqueness for this reason.

Pink: In general, pink is always related to feminism. Hence, an ideal recipient of pink tulips is your beloved wife or fiancée. Representing confidence and joviality, they can be an ideal present for your Valentine if you are celebrating the initial year in the relationship.

Nowadays, you can buy several varieties of tulips online. Today, you can even get multicolored tulips with darker shades inside depicting intense passion. The charming variegated tulips symbolize beautiful eyes. So if your partner has beautiful eyes, give the person these bewildering blooms through same day flower delivery. W

There is no end to the choices when it comes to buying tulips for your Valentine. Read further to explore some amazing facts about these bulky flowers.

  • Since these are the first among florets to bloom during the spring season, they are also the classic flowers of Spring, available in abundance during the spring season.
  • Tulip got its name in Europe inspired by the Persian term ‘del band’ which means turban.
  • A part of the lily family, there are more than 3000 varieties of tulips of over 150 species cultivated worldwide.
  • Among the most expensive florets, tulips are the most popular exotic flowers in India.

Now that you know everything about these beautiful romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day, how do you want to plan for midnight flowers delivery in delhi? Just pair them with a box of chocolates to bestow a pleasing surprise for the love of your life.


Getting the right flowers for your loved ones for a special occasion might create everlasting and memorable moments. If you look at tulips, they have always been one of the most favourite flowers when it has come to gifting opportunities. If you are confused, about the right vendor, you can always count on flowers online Dubai to help you make the best choice for the best prices.

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