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Why Use Non-Alcoholic Beer To Prevent Alcohol Addiction

Break from alcohol does not mean you replace it with water or soft drinks. You can drink non-alcoholic beer without getting intoxicated. A person gets high after consuming a regular bear due to the alcohol present in it. Brands like Freestar sell tasty beers that are alcohol-free and can become a great company during your break.

However, many people ask, is it healthy to drink alcohol-free beer? Does it have any side effects on frequent consumers of alcohol? No, alcohol-free beer is beneficial for the human body. It has a variety of benefits that so many people don’t know.

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Keep reading to discover them all:

Helps In Post-Workout Recovery

If you work out frequently, then the alcohol-free beer can help your body recover more efficiently and quickly. Instead of drinking high-calorie energy drinks, a glass of alcohol-free beer will work better. This beer helps to promote post-workout recovery because of the sodium present in it. Sodium is an excellent compound that, according to many experts, helps the human body to recover after a workout session. Besides, carbohydrates and other fluids that this beer contains also offers enough energy to the consumer to carry out their other work after a workout.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Promotes Cardiovascular Health- another good reason to start drinking gluten-free non-alcoholic beer. Studies done on non-alcoholic beers reveals that it benefits cardiovascular health. All of us need to maintain our cardiovascular health to avoid lethal diseases like high blood pressure, homocysteine levels, heart attack, and many more. Do you know why this beer is good for cardiovascular health? It is due to the polyphenols present inside it, like polyphenol and xanthohumol. Polyphenols are compounds that are derived from the plants of Hops or Humulus lupulus.

Consuming alcohol-free beer helps keep the blood pressure maintained and thus reduces inflammation, heart attack, and other diseases. Also, drinking alcohol and gluten-free promotes the production of endothelial progenitor cells in the body. The endothelial progenitor cells are the stem cells that maintain and repair the endothelial walls of blood vessels.

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Helps To Get Better Sleep

You very well know how good sleep you get after drinking regular beer. But it comes along with a bad hangover. What if we say, you can drink beer and get a good sleep without any hangovers? Yes, it’s possible. Alcohol-free beer contains compounds called xanthohumol and myrcene that have a sedative effect. In other words, alcohol-free beer helps to improve the sleep pattern so that you can sleep better. The mechanism behind how this beer enhances the quality of sleep is unknown to many people. 

The hops compound that this beer contains increased the activities of neurotransmitter GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid. When the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acids get raised, it results in a decrease in neural activity. Which thus allows the brain to relax.

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Final Words

So this was the list of a few surprising health benefits of drinking alcohol-free beer. We recommend you to choose only a good and reputed brand of non-alcoholic beer UK. In the end, do tell us which benefit of this beer surprised you – in the comment section below.

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