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In between the never ending work pressure and budding stress, getting peaceful sleep has become challenging. Thankfully, Vastu consultant kolkata can help you get it with right sleeping direction

Let us understand the importance of right sleeping direction, and why Vastu consultant kolkata considered south to be the best one. 

Sleeping is a magical activity that has been blessed to us by the nature. During sleeping, our body rejuvenates and our mind refreshes. It gives energy to carry out everyday tasks as well. 

It also promotes healing and growth. And this is the reason why we are prescribed sleep medicines upon falling sick. 

In order to get good sleep, we spend generously in purchasing comfortable mattress, bed, pillows, curtain etc. But even with that, many individual don’t get good quality sleep.

Vastu consultant kolkata blames the bad sleeping direction for the same. Indeed, vastu shastra highly regards the importance of direction in all its aspect and sleeping in no exception. 

Just as there are some best suitable directional orientations for various sections of the house such as bedroom, Puja room, kitchen etc, the same holds true for sleeping as well. 

Sleeping direction refers to the direction towards which our head points to while lying down for sleeping. 

As per vastu shastra, each direction is associated with a deity and its unique set of features. Sleeping in that particular direction; offers those benefits to the individual. 

If the sleeping direction is suitable, it channels the positive energy and eliminates the negative ones. Vice versa, doing the opposite might channel the negative energy instead.   

Why south is considered as the best sleeping direction?

Vastu consultant kolkata consider south to be the best sleeping direction among the rest. 

There are 2 prime reasons for considering the same. Let us see them both, one by one. 

As per Vastu consultant kolkata, the south direction is the house of lord Yama. He is the supreme lord of death, dharma and also riches. Thus sleeping in this orientation offers the blessings in the form of gaining wealth, and happiness.

Moreover, this orientation coordinates with the Earth’s magnetic field. As a result, it promotes better blood circulation in the body throughout the night.  

It fills the entire body with positive vibration and as a result, it also improvised multiple health related aspects of the individual. 

People who suffer from sleeplessness or get interrupted during sleep are recommended by Vastu consultant kolkata to adapt this orientation. They will begin to experience significant improvement after implementing the same.

Thus south is believed to be the best sleeping direction for most people. However this is not the only criteria for the same. You also need to ensure good vastu of the bedroom and the bed.

For instance making sure that the bed is not placed directly under any beam, or does not cast any reflection on the mirror while sleeping etc. 

You can get in touch with expert Vastu consultant kolkata to determine the same. To know more about ideal Sleeping direction, contact us today at Vaastu Mangaal.

Description- Let us understand the importance of right sleeping direction. And why Vastu consultant kolkata considered south to be the best one.

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