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The entertainment industry is one of the most loved, and for good reason. As humans, we have the ability to appreciate art and beautiful things, something that sets us apart from other humans. Forms like film and music have been an essential part of the human experience since they were first created, and they likely will always be. There is no doubt that we need entertainment to stimulate the brain to have the best quality of life possible. Whilst the best medium could be argued to be subjective, there is one that offers everything that things like music and movies offer, and more: video games.

Compared to those other two art forms, video games are a relatively young mode of entertainment. They only began to rise in popularity in the late 2000s and their origins are surrounded by controversy including things like aggression and apathy in children. Since those beginnings though, they have exploded in popularity and become the most popular entertainment medium in the world. Why have they become more popular than industry giants like the film sector? The answer is simple. Video games take the best attributes from every entertainment medium and combine them in an interactive package that players can access. This creates a unique experience that is unmatchable by any other mode of entertainment as they are nowhere near as interactive. 

It is clear then that the leading reason why the form is the most popular is due to its interactivity. Films have attempted to get in on this trend though, a noticeable example being Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, where viewers can make choices during the film that will lead to different scenes and different endings. However, it does not come close to the choice and utter freedom that some games can offer their players. A game like Minecraft is a great example of this. Minecraft offers players a world in which the only limit is a player’s imagination, whereas most movies and music are experienced made by the artist(s) with no input from the audience. 

Some video games do the job of Hollywood better than the movies it produces. Some studios opt to go all-in with a compelling narrative – the result is incredibly engaging and moving tales like the Last of Us, whose story is as good as some big-budget movies. The advantage of video games as a form then comes in when the Last of Us can offer a satisfying playing experience alongside telling this great story. The most reputable studios will also be able to attract composers who have worked on blockbuster films, showing that the form does not lack in the music department either.

Video games have grown so quickly that there is now a great competitive scene for some games that boast staggering prize pools for the best in the business. Like with any competitive sport, Esports also has a rich betting scene and gamers can use sites like these here to bet on their favourite players and teams.

There is no question that video games have proved to be the best mode of entertainment, which is impressive given their somewhat new introduction to the world. If quality games continue to be made, video games will keep their place at the top of the entertainment industry.

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