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Vinyl records were the staple of the mid 1900s pop culture ascend. The revolutionary device changed the world of music forever. From music to radios came music in your own hands.

This revolutionary streaming method became the most popular collectible amongst music lovers. Any and every vinyl store would be the boutique of music that everyone desired of. But slowly digital streaming took over.

From vinyl records to digital compact disks to now the readily available streaming platforms, music and the experience surrounding it has changed exponentially. No doubt music has become more accessible and convenient for people. You can now discover a plethora of artists that would go unknown in the world of vinyl records.

But with vinyl records becoming obsolete, we lost a few intangible experiential factors that we can only live through with records. So, here are our top reasons why vinyl records need to come back.

  1. The Material Ownership

No doubt having your playlist and favorites on popular streaming sites makes you feel like there’s a personalized part of you. However, the tangibility of vinyl records is what make the music feel like your very own.

While you can customize your music online, the sheer joy and contentment you get with obtaining a materialized form of your favorite music is matchless. The touch, the feel, the visuals of the album art feel much more amplified in the form of vinyl records. 

  1. The Unique Coolness With Owning Records

Owning a vinyl record definitely makes you cool, there’s no doubt about it. Whether you’re a millennial or from the gen z, vinyl records are one common cool factor that both can agree on.

Call it retro call it vintage, records and record player making a comeback in the world will be a beautiful fusion between the materiality and immateriality of music.  Besides, what is cooler than owning your own set of music?

  1. A New Collectible Era

Vinyl records are a collectible’s dream when it comes to music junkies. Bringing back vinyl records means that not only will you be able to have your own music but you will be able to create an extensive collection of it.

The joy of having collectible items is unmatched and bringing back vinyl records will lead to a new era of collectibles. It would be any music lovers dream to have wall filled with vinyl records so why not bring them back readily?

  1. Refined Sound Quality

It has been proven by researchers time and time again that the sound quality of vinyl records is far more superior to any digitized format of music. The analog nature of the music provided a refined audio experience that remains unparalleled today.

If you’re fond of music then this is your dream. To indulge in the sound of the music as it surrounds your senses completely, as the beat syncopates with your body’s rhythm. You can feel every note on vinyl records and that’s exactly why they need to come back.

  1. One Of A Kind Listening Experience

As mentioned before, the experience of listening to the refined quality of music is just indescribable. To pick out your music with your own hand and set the record in place. Then you hear the music begin and fill up the room with an unmatched melodic experience.


All of this is what makes the experience much more authentic and personalized and to feel that sort of connection with our favorite music is what keeps music lovers going. From the tangibility to the experience these records evoke, there’s no reason why vinyl records shouldn’t come back.


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