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Best Physical Therapy in Northeast Philadelphia

Where to Find the Best Physical Therapy in Northeast Philadelphia

Your knee has two pieces of soft connective tissue that stabilize the knee, these are called menisci. Athletes who play contact sports or put a lot of stress on their knee in sport, such as football players, hockey players, figure skaters and runners are prone to meniscus tears. However, normal active people can experience this injury as well. It can happen even doing simple activities, and may sometimes be associated with age.


If you experience a torn meniscus, you may have swelling in your leg or have pain, stiffness, or even an inability to straighten the leg.

How is a Meniscus Tear Treated?

Not all meniscus injuries are the same, so you should not make assumptions or try to self-diagnose. Seek professional help immediately for a knee injury. Not doing so could allow the damage to worsen.


If the tear is small or not as significant and is not in a precarious place, your doctor may allow you to try options such as:


  • Rest
  • Pain Relievers
  • Applying Ice


In many cases when the swelling has been brought down a bit, physical therapy can be used to strengthen the muscles around the knee to provide more stability and you may not need surgery.

Surgery for Meniscus Tears

However, if this does not work or if the injury is more significant, especially if the tear is in certain parts of the meniscus, you will have to have surgery. There are three main kinds of meniscus surgery that you might undergo. One type is arthroscopic repair, where a small scope is inserted through very small incisions in the knee and repair is done that way.  Another type of surgery is arthroscopic partial meniscectomy, in which a piece of meniscus is removed so that the joint can move freely. The other type of knee surgery related to a meniscus tear is arthroscopic total meniscectomy which is the complete removal of the meniscus tissue from the knee.


These surgeries are done very often and don’t pose any real risk to your overall health. They also do not often have complications. In fact the most likely reason that a knee surgery will not produce great results has to do with the patient not following their doctor’s orders or not having proper physical therapy after meniscus surgery.

How Long Is Recovery From a Meniscus Surgery?

Each patient is unique and everyone will recover at their own rate, however, you generally recover from these types of surgeries in one to three months. It is almost always recommended that you have physical therapy after meniscus surgery.

Physical Therapy after Meniscus Surgery

Physical therapy will be one of the most important aspects of your recovery when you have meniscus surgery. It is very important to understand all of the ways that physical therapy can help you when you are healing from a meniscus injury or meniscus surgery.

Physical Therapy Promotes the Healing Process

Physical therapy after meniscus surgery helps you heal better. This is because a physical therapist can help you by developing a treatment plan that helps you to pace yourself correctly. A physical therapist will also be able to help you learn to exercise correctly so that you can regain your strength and range of motion without risking a re-injury.

Physical Therapy Prevents Future Injuries

It is an unfortunate fact that someone who injures their knee is likely to sustain a second knee injury. Physical therapy can help prevent this from occurring. This is because physical therapy helps you to rebuild the muscles that help support and stabilize the knee and leg. This will make it far less likely for you to face reinjury.

Physical Therapy in Northeast Philadelphia

If you have experienced a knee injury or you have had meniscus surgery and need physical therapy in northeast Philadelphia, reach out to Petroski Physiotherapy and Performance. They specialize in an individualized approach that helps to get athletes and active people from all walks of life back on their feet quicker and stronger than before. They provide physical therapy in northeast Philadelphia, with a different approach that gives you access to one on one therapy.


At Petroski Physio, you will find passionate and skilled professionals that truly care about your well-being, comfort and success. If you are looking for great innovative physical therapy in northeast Philadelphia, visit Petroski Physiotherapy and Performance online or in person at

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