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Preventative care is crucial and should be a priority for every person. Annual physical exams are part of prevention and help you check and be up to date with your health. The physical exam Upper East Side specialists recommend that every person seek a physical exam at least once a year to help understand how their body is functioning and see what they can do to optimize their health. But some people think that an annual physical exam is unnecessary every year. We outline some crucial benefits of making a trip to your doctor every year for physical examination. Have a look.

It Helps Your Doctor Assess Your Overall Health

It is good to visit your doctor even when you are not feeling unwell. Making it a routine helps your doctor have enough time to examine your total body health to understand its state thoroughly. It also creates time for your doctor to dig deep into your medical history and family history to determine potential risk factors.

It Creates Time for Different Tests

An annual physical exam is an excellent opportunity for your doctor to test vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration rate. The results can help them identify any abnormalities and take action before the problem escalates. Your doctor can also perform blood tests that will help them look into different areas of your general health. Cholesterol screening, body mass index, and blood glucose screening are some of the tests you can expect during your annual visit. Your doctor may help you with suggestions on living a healthy life following their results.

Helps You Update Your Vaccinations

Many people think of children when they hear about vaccination. But you need to note that even adults can receive a vaccination. Your doctor can recommend several vaccinations during your annual examination, depending on your health and risk factors. You can get all your yearly vaccinations during one appointment to equip you better survive the flu season or other illnesses and diseases you get vaccinated for. Understand that the type of vaccinations you get depends on your age and gender.

An Opportunity for Cancer Screening

Skin cancer is one of the leading causes of death globally, but it does not have to be. Although most cancers have no cure, there are better chances of managing the condition once identified early. That is why regular screening is essential. An annual exam appointment creates time for your doctor to evaluate your risks and perform screening for certain cancers. Your doctor can order screening for skin cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, gynecological cancer, and breast cancer. Remember that a quick check-in with your doctor can save your life.

Establish a Baseline of your Health Status

Every year, checking in with your doctor helps your doctor collect your health data, creating the baseline for your health. Your doctor will already have data about your blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight at your next appointment. They have to compare your current situation to notice a sudden change or when something is incorrect. It also helps store your medical history for future use in case of trying to figure out some symptoms.

You cannot afford to schedule a physical examination appointment after learning how it can be crucial to your health. Get in touch with the medical experts at East Side Primary Medical Care to book your appointment or consult to learn more. You can also book your appointment online.

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