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Many organizations in the world help women achieve their career goals; they help women become better versions of themselves. One such place that supports women to work on their goals is IAW. The International Association of Women (IAW) is a professional organization with diverse members from around the world.

They help their members by connecting them through events, resources, and programs where they talk about current topics impacting women around the world, supporting women across eight core pillars: Leadership, Professional Development, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Financial Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Branding and Communication, Community & Outreach, and Health & Well-being.

The organization has reached worldwide and recently opened a new chapter in London. Growing as part of the city’s local community by helping women in their respective professions. IAW’s networks usually include a woman from different disciplines who helps other women like themselves enhance their careers.

The whole purpose of establishing a local organization body is to provide a wide range of opportunities for career-driven women to connect locally. This is also an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to promote their business, product, or service and provide them a platform where they can share ideas and experiences and locate resources and support. The IAW community will help you to dream, rise and lead.

If you identify as a professional woman and are interested in being part of a like-minded community that can support you in achieving your personal and professional goals, IAW is a group you want to look further into. The organization supports women in achieving greater success, sharing their messaging, and finding inspiration in role models to thrive in their respective fields.

The London team consists of a board of 10 women and senior advisors; the group aims to create a positive environment that benefits the community and helps members thrive.

Membership has numerous advantages. IAW Member benefits provide networking opportunities, resources, and support for professional women in their careers, businesses, and work-life balance. Women are given the tools and connections they need to advance their careers and businesses through online and in-person events, partnerships with established industry leaders, and expert content.

The president of the London chapter is Ngan Nguyen. She is an author, entrepreneur, and strategist with over 15 years of experience. She is the current director of Cintamani Group, including Executive Coach at MIT Advanced, Vision for Mastery Accelerator, and serving on the boards of several private organizations. She has helped numerous leaders to make their businesses successful. Also, she has authored several books.

With a successful team, the organization is on its way to helping women and inspiring others.

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