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To maintain the business successfully in the year 2019 Digital Marketing Company in Delhi incorporate new strategies, tools, and technologies that can bring an enormous amount of traffic to the business site and make their client’s site stand ahead of their competitors. Do you know that the page load speed of your website can influence your target audience?

Every e-commerce site owners wish to raise the conversion rates and decrease exit rates. Studies demonstrate that poor page load speed is one of the critical reasons why exit rates might increase. Here is where Digital Marketing Company in Delhi comes in to picture.

Why Page load speed is important?

In case if your webpage takes more than 3 seconds to load, none would wish to explore your site. There are high chances that your potential customers get highly frustrated with your site if they should wait for so long to even explore your products or services. Hence, they could make their purchase with one of your competitors with good site performance.   Experts of SEO in Delhi state this as the main reason for increasing exit rates in your website.

What tools can be used to improve the load time?

There are several free online tools to improve the performance and speed of your website. To name some, Page speed Insight, Webpage test, YSlow, and YUI Compressor.  By making use of this tool, you can do several things on your own to increase the speed of your site. In case, even after utilizing these tools, if you still find poor page load speed, then you can always get help from website design experts from Digital Marketing Company in Delhi

If you own an e-commerce site, first you should find out the performance of your website, whether it is good or poor. You can check your page load speed on your own with above mentioned free online tools. Page Speed Online by Google Labs is the most popular online tools used by many web developers. All you have to do is to integrate the tool into your website as an extension. You also make use of it as a web-based tool as well.

What are the factors that impact your page speed?

  1. The host could also be a reason for poor load speed. If you opt for cheaper ones, then it could have an impact on your website load speed. So, choose the right host that suits your requirements.  
  2. If your site contains too much external media, it can mostly lower your site load time. If you want to add some valuable videos to your site, then host them on your own server.
  3. Too much of ads on your site will have a high impact on the site’s load performance
  4. Some comment or social buttons can have an effect on the page speed.

Points to remember

Here are some points suggested by SEO in Delhi for enhancing the speed of your site:

  1. The code optimization reduces the size of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and improves the performance
  2. File compression helps in minimizing the size of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files.
  3. Optimization of images ensures that the images in the site are of the right size, format and compressed for the web.

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