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As you get older, your skin may begin to fold and wrinkle, making your face appear less attractive. Genetics is not the only factor that determines how wrinkled your face gets. Spending a lot of time in the sun can also cause adverse effects on your skin. Botox and fillers are cosmetic procedures used to smoothen those lines and make you look younger and fresher. These treatments are cosmetic, so they do not require a surgical procedure. Ardsley Botox may be what you need if you want to turn back time and give yourself a more youthful-looking complexion.

Uses of Botox and Dermal Fillers

The following as some of the ways Botox and Dermal fillers can rejuvenate your face:

  • Improving the appearance of facial lines
  • Adding volume to areas that may have lost volume because of aging
  • Correcting facial wrinkles or skin folds.
  • Increases volume of lips and cheeks
  • Correcting acne scars
  • Restore a youthful appearance

Differences between Botox and Fillers

Botox and fillers have different purposes in helping give you younger-looking skin. The main difference between Botox and fillers is that Botox is a muscle relaxer while fillers replace the lost volume.

Botox is a muscle relaxer that smoothens out your facial lines. Botox prevents the muscles on your face from contracting when you are having a conversation, eating, or making facial expressions. When a poorly trained specialist does the Botox injection, your face might look slightly animated when making facial expressions. Botox is also not permanent; therefore, it must undergo repeated treatments.

Dermal fillers soften the wrinkles and help smoothen any facial folds that may develop on the cheeks when your face is at rest. Folds mostly appear on the cheeks because a lot of their volume is lost as you age. You may suffer from complications such as overfilling the injections administered by an unskilled specialist.

The different dermal fillers include calcium hydroxylapatite, hyaluronic acid polyalkylimide, and polylactic acid fillers may not be appropriate if you have specific allergies or medical conditions such as bleeding disorders.

The side effects of Botox and fillers include:

  • Botox and fillers administration into the body is through injections. You may experience discomfort during both procedures though the fillers are more uncomfortable because the specialists use a slightly larger needle. The pain can be reduced using a numbing agent before beginning the process.
  • You may develop bruising or swelling since both procedures involve needles.
  • When an unskilled person does the procedure, overfilling can cause uneven results.
  • Botox can cause your eyes to tear.

There are many dermal fillers on the market. Without guidance from an experienced cosmetic specialist, knowing which option is suitable for you would be challenging. If you are pregnant or nursing or have a pre-existing medical condition, get guidance from your healthcare provider before undergoing any cosmetic procedure. Consult with a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist specializing in cosmetic procedures at Ardsley Dental Spa to evaluate the options that would help you achieve your results without putting your health at risk.

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