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Why You Should Open A Sex Positive Dialogue With You Partner

Nowadays, sexual pleasure is much less of a taboo topic, and we live in a pleasure positive world where sex is an accepted norm. Although this may be the case, many of us still find that talking about sex with a partner is not easy, even after if that is getting comfortable with the idea of bringing up an issue related to sex with a partner.

Whether you want to make a suggestion, state a preference, instigate a new idea, or something more extreme like trying out fucking machines, getting your message across to them without hurting their feelings can feel like a minefield of its own. By opening up a positive dialogue about your intimate life with your partner, both parties can improve their level of pleasure and fulfil their lifelong fantasies. 

Once you crack the code and know how to start the discussions, there are a whole host of benefits waiting to come:

Improve your sex life

By speaking more openly about your desires or offering any feedback, you can improve pleasure for both parties and get even more enjoyment out of it. If you have a receptive lover, they’ll be wanting to improve and eager for the feedback. Make sure to approach the topic in a compassionate way as you don’t want to leave them feeling insulted or embarrassed, instead proposing that you both try a new technique in the bedroom or compliment them by telling them what you love them doing, skewing your feedback more toward positive reinforcements.

Gain more patience

Everyone has different boundaries so being able to talk openly will allow partners on both sides to accept the others’ approach. If you are not sure where to start, start by talking about sex by addressing your general relationship, then moving this onto sex and going from there. People have differing levels of sexual experience and different levels of, often originating from their sexual education and the perceived stigma of shame that is attached. If your partner seems afraid to get verbal, patience can go a long way, giving them time to become comfortable and open up.

Take criticism on board

 Getting told that your partner doesn’t enjoy a particular thing you do or hearing that there is room for improvement shouldn’t leave you feeling deflated. Although you may feel stung, it doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t love having sex with you or that they’re not attracted to you. Try to take criticism on board as much as possible and see it as an opportunity to improve how you pleasure your partner, wowing them in the bedroom.

Try new things

It is normal for you and your partner to have vastly different sexual preferences, meaning compromises are in order for you to satisfy one another to the max. Maintaining open communication about your interests and remaining open-minded will allow you to try new things together as a couple and see what works the best. Of course, you do not have to do anything you are not comfortable with, but you may be surprised at how much you enjoy something new!

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