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Why You Should Use Wondershare MirrorGo to Mirror your iPhone to PC

Mobile phone technology has been evolving at an impressive rate, evident by the many features we see on our devices. iPhone has been at the forefront of mobile phone technology innovations and boasts some of the best features. One of them is the mirroring function, which allows you to replicate your iPhone’s screen on your PC.

You can easily pull the process when using an Apple device, like Mac, due to compatibility. However, if you are using a Windows PC, the process can be quite challenging. With the right utilities, you can mirror iPhone to PC effortlessly. One of the most reliable tools you can have for iPhone to Windows PC mirroring is Wondershare MirrorGo. Let us look at this software and why you should download and install it on your computer.

Introduction to Wondershare MirrorGo

Wondershare is synonymous with several repair and general solution tools, ranging from converters, backup, and data recovery tools. Adding on to its vast collection of utilities is MirrorGo, which you use to mirror your iPhone display to a Windows computer.

It is one of the best mirroring programs that you can come across, and below are some of the reasons that back up this claim.

  • Easy To Use

When looking for a program, one of the features you need to look at is its usability. The tool should be easy to use, making the experience fulfilling. This is the utter definition of Wondershare MirrorGo, which you can use free of any hassles, and you do not need any technical know-how to mirror your iPhone to PC.

You will notice that everything flows smoothly with MirrorGo, from downloading, installation to the mirroring function. If you have any doubts about using it, there is a tutorial on its site which will help you know how to go about the program, clearly outlining the steps to follow to use it.

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  • The Software Is Lightweight

Many people encounter insufficient storage space, which means it is almost impossible to download a program, more so if it requires a large storage space. In the case of MirrorGo, you will hardly experience such issues as it is very lightweight, translating to your PC’s storage space’s economy. It also translates to faster downloading speeds, especially if you have a stable internet connection.

  • Software Compatibility

Wondershare MirrorGo is very versatile, evident by its compatibility with almost all Windows operating system versions. You can use the program if you use Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

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  • Functionality

Another thing you will appreciate about this program is its functionality. When you mirror your iPhone to PC, you are transferring all its functions to the computer, and you can perform most tasks you perform on your iPhone. Some of the things you can do include navigating the screen, recording and taking screenshots, managing your notifications and alerts, and also file transfers.

As severally implied, if you mirror your iPhone to PC, you can remotely control your phone on the computer and allows for multitasking.

  • The Free Trial Version

This program has a free trial version that you can go for if you want to have an idea of how it works. If you want this version, you will opt for it when downloading the software, and you do not have to pay for anything. It works fine, and if you find the features to be excellent, you can go for the premium subscription packages.

  • More Resources With The Premium Plans

If you want more resources, translating to an edge of functionality, the premium packages will have you sorted. Among the extras that you get include multiple device support, reverse control of your apps, recording and taking screenshots, and file transfer.

With these resources, you will have an excellent experience using MirrorGo. There are three plans to pick from; monthly, yearly and quarterly. You pay $5.95, $2.5, and 3.65 per month, respectively, for the three subscriptions, billed per month, per year, or quarterly in the order of appearance. Pick the most suitable bundle and enjoy mirroring your iPhone on your Windows computer.

  • Security Of The Software

When downloading a program, you have to be extra keen, lest you download a malware program that can endanger your device or pose the risk of accessing your files. You do not have to worry about such risks when using Wondershare MirrorGo, as it is a legitimate utility created by professionals.

To avoid the risks of getting the wrong program, which can be malware, it is advisable to get it from Wondershare MirrorGo’s website.

  • Customer Support

While using the iPhone to PC mirror toolkit, you may encounter some issues that you may not know how to solve. It is common for programs to, once a while, develop some problems. However, in case you are in such a mess, you do not have to worry as the customer support team has your back. You can access MirrorGo’s support any time of the day, either via call, mail, or chat.

The response is prompt, the same as solving the problem at hand, to ensure you are back to using the software.

  • Software Updates

With the mirroring toolkit installed on your PC, you will be receiving free software updates that will improve its functionality. It means that the software gets better as you use it. We are dealing with a real device problem and now we have a desire to solve hang problem in iPhone.

Where to Use the Mirroring Function

Summarizing the advantages of MirrorGo, you have to look at the areas you can use it. Gaming, audio control, and presentation in meetings are some of the instances the mirroring function will come in handy. You will also appreciate its functionality if you have a case of a broken screen.

Final Say

Wondershare MirrorGo is a great toolkit that will help expand your display size by replicating it on your PC. It is a great feature, which, as you can see from this article, will help you in several areas, especially if you are into gaming. The highlighted advantages give you an idea of what to expect when you have this utility installed on your computer. If possible, go for the premium packages to enjoy using this iPhone to PC mirroring tool.

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