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Will Coil-over Kits Really Improve My Vehicle’s Handling

If you’re looking into aftermarket suspensions, you’ll find coil-over kits, struts, adjustable shocks, air suspension and more. Each type professes to improve your ride’s handling, with some being designed specifically for track driving. However, when we’re talking about the best possible handling at high speed, then the obvious choice are coilovers.

Now, some people might think that coil-over kits are a bit pricey, but do they represent good value? Do they really improve your car’s handling to a point where their cost is justified? Well, we think they do and in this article, we’ll explain why. So, buckle up buckaroos, while we take you through exactly why they offer good value.

Understanding Exactly How Coil-over Kits Work

The setup of standard coil-over kits is similar to how struts and springs work, but they feature a longer coil spring, with the shock absorber situated down the middle of the coil. In order for the wheel to be able move upwards, both the shock and the spring need to compress. In this setup, the spring takes all of the weight, with the shock absorber damping any spring bounce.

The main benefit of coil-over kits is the adjustability, as to make these same adjustments on a wishbone setup, it would be a much bigger job that could throw your entire suspension out of shape. A well made coil-over kit allows fine changes to be made to your car’s handling without too much effect being caused to everything else.

Fine Tuning Helps Your Whole Car Work Better

The fine tuning ability that coil-over kits offer means that other elements like uneven tyre wearing and tilting when cornering can be minimised. It also offers a great deal of versatility, because they allow your ride height to be quickly changed to suit your purposes. Lowering your  car’s center of gravity in a controlled way means your handling will certainly improve.

Coil-over kits allow you to feel the road better, corner better and greatly reduce the amount of weight shifting that occurs under G-force. Sure, you can’t deny that coil-overs aren’t the cheapest option on the market, but they do offer a lot for your buck.

Springrates – The Trusted Name in Quality Coil-over Kits

The answer to the question in the title of this blog can be answered with an emphatic ‘YES!’, as a coilover kit will absolutely improve the handling of your ride. If your car handles well already, it’s something you need to consider whether you really need the extra handling, but for most, it’s an investment that you can really feel when you get behind the wheel.

At Springrates, we supply the best coil-over kits on the market at competitive prices and if you would like to see our entire range for yourself, we recommend that you visit online at There you’ll find everything you need to know to get your vehicle handling like a dream.

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