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Are you trying to choose a comedy show to go and see? Many people know that comedy is subjective, and they look for reassurance that they will like a show. This includes asking people they know and reading reviews about a comedian’s show. But, another way you can get a better idea if you will like a show or not, is to learn about the comedian. You can understand where they have come from, why they have entered the comedy world and what their style is like.

For example, if you ask, will I enjoy a Dinesh Nathan show, you should learn about him first. So, let’s take a closer look at what we know about this comedian.

Who is Dinesh Nathan?

First of all, let’s learn a bit about Dinesh Nathan so that you can get an idea of who he is. He is classed as a new comedian, but already, he has won awards and is gaining a lot of attention for his stories and jokes. For example, he has already won the South Coast Comedian OTY 2019. In addition, he was a finalist in the Leicester Merc New comedian 2020. He was even the runner-up for Komedia New Act 2020.

This shows you that Dinesh Nathan is a comedian that is taking the comedy world by storm. He is not afraid to get out there and he always has shows audiences can see. If you want to learn even more about Dinesh Nathan, you can check out his biography on Comedy Carnival. This will allow you to understand more about him, which can help you in your decision to see a show.

What Type of Comedy Style Does He Have?

Often, Dinesh Nathan refers to himself as a British-Sri Lankan. This means that he does have a British sense of humour, which might be what you enjoy. In particular, you are going to recognise sarcasm, as this is something he uses a lot, and that makes his stories hilarious.

In particular, he is a fan of self-deprecating jokes. In other words, he is not afraid to make fun of the things that happen to him and make light of situations he is involved in. Sometimes, he can be very blunt about it and this is what can make his shows so funny. 

Therefore, you can expect a sarcastic comedy style and Dinesh Nathan will share his life experiences with an audience. If this is the type of humour that you enjoy, you will not be able to help laughing along.

Head to Instagram

Many people are hesitant to go and see a new comedian and their show. This is because they want to be sure they will have a good time. Yes, comedy is subjective and this means that there is going to be a risk that you do not like a comedian. But, there are ways you can see if you like them before purchasing tickets to their show. 

Well, something you can do before you purchase tickets is to view some of Dinesh Nathan’s content. He offers videos on Instagram, which can give you an idea of what his humour is like. You can see if you find it funny and this will allow you to imagine what a show will be like. Think about it as a free tester before you go to see the real thing. So, head over to Instagram if you want to watch some of his comedy.

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