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There is increasing fierece competition in the red wine market. Sending red wine as a gift is popular in Australian hamper market. Many business is seeking the most suitable wine packaging for brand endorsements. However, there are various wine packaging materials on the market. How can we choose the the best one for the wine gift packaging? How to choose the material of the red wine packaging boxIn the selection of high-end wine packaging materials, paper containers still occupy the primary position, the proportion of leather, wood, plastic, and metal materials has increased, and the use of natural materials such as bamboo, willow, and grass is still rare. For some high-end red wine, wooden wine boxes are recommended as outer packaging containers. Wooden wine boxes represent classic, elegance and noble. Its natural wood material with fine designs better protect the wine bottles. Based on the data from the Australian market investigation on the wine packaging 2020, 72.5% of red wine bottles are packed in the wooden boxes in high-end gift market. Wood wool is added to the red wine container to ignite the raw materials of the wine bottle in addition to further protecting the bottles.


Many salesmen will recommend paper wine packaging boxes to customers, which is closely related to the unique advantages of cartons in paper containers.Paper wine boxes are cheaper as the price of raw material of paper is cheaper than wood, and magnetic cardboard wine boxes are mostly made foldable which means the cost of shipping is largely cut down compared to the shipping of wooden wine box.The logo on cardboard wine box is easier and more flexible. However, choosing the right red wine packaging depends on the grade of the red wine. 1. Low-grade red wine packaging   Paper wine box with 350gsm cardboard, die-cutting,

magnetic design or lid design is good for the low-grade wine.  The slightly better quality is made of 350 gsm of white cardboard, laminated and die-cutting.

2. Med-range market wine packaging 250-300 gsm quality of white cardboard paper is used. Disposable aluminum foil card paper and 300 gsm whitecard paper for printing and lamination, followed by die cutting.


  1. High-end market wine packaging.


Wooded wine box with debossed ink filled logo is recommended.

The lid of the wooden box can be either manafutured with clamshell to be more classic or sliding lids to be more flexible with different logos. In gift industry, wine bottles are sent for different occasions, maintaining customer relationships, congratulating a friend, saying birthday to someone, etc, with the sliding lid design, it’s flexible to engrave different words expressing the sender’s greetings based on diffferent occasions. Greeting like Happy birthday, Congratulations, Happy Valentine’s, Merry Christmas on different boxes make the gift more unique and personalized.


Wooden wine boxes are definitely for the high-end wine gifts.

What’s your market targeted and how would you choose the wine box for your business?


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