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The winter blues are real. The lack of sunlight and cold weather can make you feel crotchety, lethargic, or even depressed in spite of the best efforts to stay productive at work. But there’s one thing that always helps me get back on my feet: making changes around myself – especially changing up where I sleep every night by adding some new sheets for example (we have an amazing selection). It may seem small but it has such a huge yourself something positive every day will bring balance into your life.

 Choose the perfect fabric for your bedsheet:

Cotton and polyester are both great options for those looking to purchase a comfortable bed sheet, but they each have their own set of advantages. For example: cotton is soft while still providing some amount of durability; on the other hand if you’re seeking something with less shrinkage or greater breath ability then opt instead towards pure-poly fibers which make them perfect in these regards.

 Is a cotton bedsheet the best option?


Cotton bedsheets are made of natural cotton fibre. It makes the sheet better for sensitive skin and allergies, as well as being highly breathable thanks to how it regulates our body temperature! Cotton is also biodegradable which means that if you wear them out on an adventure (or just sleep), there’s no need to feel bad about leaving your mattress Pad behind because all materials will eventually break down over time anyway plus nobody likes sleeping next to someone who smells like dirt every night anyways right? 

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The best part: They’re low maintenance AND easy care; meaning less hassle when cleaning up after yourself at home or taking care packages away.


Cotton bedsheets are less durable than their synthetic counterparts. They also get wrinkles easily and they lack any kind of shape retention feature to keep the mattress flat after use, so you’ll want something like flannelette or silk sheets instead if this is an issue for your sleep style.

 Pros and cons of polyester:


Polyester bed sheets have a lot of benefits that make them the best material for your Bedding/bedroom. They’re lightweight, surprisingly durable due their tightly woven design and affordable! Plus you can just wash these babies without worrying about wrinkles taking over because they’ll always look good as new again with minimal effort needed on behalf of both owner/renter alike when washing up at home alone or in an industrial washer dryer set apart from each other by color depending whom its being used most often throughout any given day.


If you’re looking for a material that will be breathable and wick away moisture, polyester may not be the best choice. The fabric becomes rougher over time which can lead to irritation in certain areas of your body like sensitive skin or hair follicles–not good. It’s also prone towards static charges so it’ll attract all kinds of dirt particles while giving little protection against sweat stains if worn next door neighbors who have an unfortunate habit throwing themselves onto their own sofa every day after work.

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