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Wix is a popular website builder and is used by numerous businesses looking to build a website on a budget. As of 2023, Wix provides users with numerous SEO optimization options that one can easily utilize for better SERP rankings. But, if you are a beginner, you might be stuck and unable to find what suits you best. To help you perform Wix SEO optimization and ensure that your website gets a better SERP rank, we have curated the following article.

We will discuss whether Wix has everything a business needs to ensure good SEO or not and some common Wix issues. Then, we will answer the most commonly asked question – “how to optimize SEO for Wix?” So, what are you waiting for? Jump right into the article and get started with learning more about Wix SEO optimization for better website rankings.

Does Wix Provide Functionalities To Help With SEO?

After Wix was launched in 2006, the platform didn’t have any major updates before 2016 and lacked a lot of SEO features. Hence, it had a bad reputation and Wix websites were not at all SEO-friendly. However, the first major Wix update in 2016 changed everything about the website and provided users with multiple SEO functionalities.

Today, Wix allows businesses and SEO experts to perform on-page as well as off-page SEO without much hassle. The platform has also increased the processing speed of its websites which has had a major contribution to the site’s overall SERP rankings. So, we would say that Wix does provide numerous functionalities that can help businesses with SEO optimization.

Some Common Issues That You Might Face With Wix SEO Optimization

Although there are no major problems with optimizing SEO on Wix, there are three minor issues that you might face.

  1. Slow loading speed when compared to custom code – Since Wix offers users numerous features, web pages might suffer code bloat even from features they do not use. This is true for every website builder that offers businesses and experts an easy way to design and develop websites.
  2. Lesser multilingual support – Wix does not offer great multilingual support which might be a problem for businesses looking to post blogs in multiple languages. However, this issue is an existing Wix feature request and users might be able to enjoy greater multilingual support in the near future.
  3. Limitations in advanced SEO – Although Wix offers basic SEO features, it does not allow advanced SEO features like generating custom sitemaps.

Expert Tips on Wix SEO Optimization to Help You Boost SERP Rankings

Now that we have discussed some common issues and benefits of Wix, let us look at a few Wix SEO Optimization tips.

  1. Complete The SEO Setup Checklist Offered by Wix

Wix has an easy and detailed SEO setup checklist that can help you get the initial boost your website needs. To check it out, simply navigate to the Marketing and SEO section and click on Get Found on Google. Wix will ask you a few questions that you must answer accurately and follow the detailed steps to optimize your Wix website.

  1. Set Up the Complete Google Search Console and Analytics

Although mentioned in one of the steps in the SEO checklist, setting up Google Search Console and Analytics is really important. It will help you monitor your website’s SERP over time and fix common SEO issues. Once you are done setting up Google Search Console, connect Google Analytics to your website to get more insights about your website’s incoming traffic.

  1. Ensure Your Website Content Follows SEO Guidelines

A critical step in Wix SEO optimization (every SEO optimization for that matter), it is important to ensure that your website has SEO-friendly content. After all, Google and other search engines will crawl the web page to index it and offer you a ranking on the SERPs. This is why it is important for your website to include blogs and other content materials utilizing keywords rather than simply listing information about your business.

  1. Add Internal Links to Your Content

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of backlinks for Wix SEO optimization and better SERP rankings! Backlinks refer to the links that point back to your website and hold a lot of importance when it comes to Google’s website ranking factors. Please note that backlinks can be difficult to obtain but it is important to get access to backlinks as much as possible. You must also include internal links via Wix on your website to boost its authority.

  1. Conduct Regular SEO Audits

Once your Wix website is set up and you are done optimizing it following the above Wix SEO optimization tips, your work is not done. You must schedule regular SEO audits to keep your website ranking in check and ensure that there are no issues with your Wix website. Website SEO audits can take a lot of time and you require a certain level of expertise to break down the report offered, which is why a lot of businesses hire Wix SEO Optimization experts.

Final Words

We hope the above article helped you understand what Wix is all about and provided some actionable Wix SEO optimization tips. If you are not an SEO expert and do not have the time to invest in better SERP rankings, we recommend to hire SEO company in India. With years of industry experience, Obelisk Infotech specialize in Wix SEO optimization and will help your Wix website rank higher in no time.

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