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Are you looking for online tutors? Well, the choice can be very difficult. There are many platforms offering such services. Hence, people can be confused about which is the suitable one for them. You will numerous tutors online claiming to be the best. However, some of them are not even good. One of the most prominent names in this online study world is Wizeprep. If you are not familiar with it, no need to worry. We have got it covered for you.

What is Wizeprep?

Wizeprep is an online learning platform, with a number of tutors. You can find coaching for various subjects there. The platform is helping students in many ways. There are several levels of education. These include LSAT, MCAT, High school, and university.
It has been serving since 2011. The quality of education has increased drastically, along with tutors. Now, they have a wide range of instructions. Their database records more than 10,000 students currently. On their website, you can see how many students are enrolled with one tutor.

Courses Offered by the Tutors

There is a vast library of subjects you can find on the website. Each tutor is qualified in a certain field. Hence, there are a lot of them to choose from. However, there is more than one instructor for each subject.
With that said, here are the courses offered by Wizeprep:

  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Physics
  • Accounting
  • Linear Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Economics
  • Chemistry
  • High School Maths
  • SC
  • D. English

Features Of Wizeprep

What do you get for signing up on the platform? If the number of courses and instructors is not enough, there are a lot more features. Here is what you get from Wizeprep, other than quality education:

  • Weekly live classes at office hours
  • The instructors are available 24/7
  • Q/A and other interactive sessions with tutors
  • Practical classes, along with solutions
  • Connect with other students who are part of the same course
  • Recorded video lessons, practice questions, and passages
  • Keep your record with test and practice question

These are the basic features for all courses. Whether you are enrolling in MCAT, High school, or University subjects, you will get access to all the benefits mentioned above.

Prices of Courses

It is one of the only platforms that allow you to take demo classes first. You can sign up without giving your credit card information. However, creating an account is necessary. For that, you will only need to enter the necessary information.
If you are looking to buy a course, you can do it for $599. You can start for as low as $50 per month. It is for those people who want to take more than introductory classes to test the platform. For this one month, you get all the features. That includes access to all the past sessions, customer support, tutor based on your convenience, and interactive live sessions.
During the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, the platform was also offering free classes. It gave a huge rise in its popularity. Most people recognized the potential of their courses during this period. However, it also showed that how students matter the most to them.
Needless to say, it is difficult to find a platform that offers such convenience to people. If you want to try it out, simply register on the website and check the introductory classes for your preferred courses.

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