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One of the most important holidays of the year, the Lunar New Year is celebrated in numerous countries across Asia and the rest of the world, most notably in China, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

The festival is observed with a wide range of traditions and customs, including get-togethers with friends and family, parades, firework displays, and the exchange of gifts.

In Chinese culture, the color red is considered to be particularly auspicious since it is associated with positive connotations such as luck, fortune, and joy.

In addition, many people, particularly around the time of the Chinese New Year, used to paint themselves and their homes crimson in the belief that doing so would bring them additional wealth.

But if the color red is too bold and garish for you to wear as a dress or with other garments, you may take your look to the next level with the right pair of shoes.

Here are comfortable shoes and heels to wear in Hong Kong this Chinese New Year no matter where you are going for celebrations.

Chunky heels

This pair of shoe is unlike any other. They have chunky heels, a square toe, and a very tactile, three-dimensional rose.

This pair of red patent-leather shoes is a must-have if you’re like the delicate, childlike aesthetic because of their retro look that’s reminiscent of old-school elegance. They give off a gothic yet preppy vibe because to their throwback look, which.

Sling heels

Are you looking for a way to combine your feminine cheongsam with something that has a little more edge and toughness?

Another Singaporean footwear brand, pazzion, offers a sling style in a deep red color that comes highly recommended by our team.

This classic suede piece, which features a timelessly angular block heel, will lend just the right amount of pizzazz to your appearance for the Chinese New Year, and it is even adaptable enough to be worn to the office as well.

Kitten-Heel Shoes

Pazzion, a well-known retail establishment, has taken the classic pump design and elevated it to a higher level of richness by employing a one-of-a-kind structure and adding a whimsical fabric element.

Pazzion is promoting comfy shoes as part of its CNY collection. These shoes include a flexible technological latex foam footbed that has been engineered to deliver better comfort with every stride.

Blocked Chained Moccasin

Can’t take the thought of spending the whole day walking in heel sandals? It’s possible that we’ve located the ideal companion for you.

PAZZION just recently introduced its new line of footwear, and we simply cannot contain our excitement for the brand’s most current Color Blocked Chained Moccasins.

It is not only ideal for the event, but it is also adaptable enough to be worn with a variety of different casual outfits that you already have in your closet.

Flat Mule

What’s not to adore about a classic pair of flat mules? They are not only fashionable but also quite comfy, and you can wear them with almost anything.

Check out the Since 1854 Lock It Flat Mule from Louis Vuitton, which comes in a new signature canvas that was designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, the Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton. This shoe is an alternative that is worthy of an investment and can be worn all year round.

Strappy Heeled Sandals

Because of their gorgeous and breathable design, strappy sandals are an essential shoe item that every woman’s closet should own.

This Pedro pair is a particular favorite of ours since it features an angular square toe and a stiletto heel that is 75 millimeters in height.

Buckled Leather Mules

You just purchased a Mini Gabine Saddle Leather purse and are looking for a pair of shoes that would match it? The Gabine Buckled Leather Mules by Charles & Keith are next on the agenda.

The lovely couple notices a design that has stood the test of time and is unassuming yet contemporary here.

In addition to this, it features a trapeze heel that is 2.5 centimeters in height, making it possible for you to walk around in them all day without experiencing any discomfort.

Wedge-Heel Sandals

Wedge sandals are a style of footwear that should be considered if you wish to increase your height without compromising your comfort.

What we love most about this design is that the bow accent brings a touch of feminity to the classic form.

In addition to that, you may wear this pair on your tropical vacations with a sundress that has lace details and they will look wonderful.

Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle strap heels are very popular right now. The height of the heel may vary from pair to pair, but they all have a strap that goes around the wearer’s ankle and makes them safer and easier to walk in.

When it comes to showing off a great pair of legs, nothing beats a beautiful pair of heels, and women’s ankle strap heels are one of the hottest options.

They not only make your legs look better, but they also help in other ways. Heels with straps are very popular right now, but they’ve been around for a long time and won’t go out of style any ti

Wedge Heels

There are different kinds of wedge shoes, like wedge heels and wedge sandals. Like high heels, wedge heels don’t have a space between the sole and the heel. Instead, the heel is flat with the sole.

The wedge heel, which is popular because it is comfortable, can stand out in the same way that its many predecessors have. It comes in a number of different materials, from leather with a crocodile pattern to wood.

Don’t just look for woven espadrilles in the summer. Instead, think outside the box and pair your wedges with ultra-modern styles for a “wow” moment.

Cone Heels

A shoe with a cone heel has a thicker sole than the base, but the base of the heel is wider. Think of the sole of your shoe as a scoop of ice cream.

We know you like your shoes, but please don’t chew on them.

Cone heels come in many different heel heights and can be found on many different types of shoes, from booties to sandals. Even a kitten heel is good enough.


Platform shoes come with heels of many different heights. The platform is made by making the part of the shoe that sits underneath the sole thicker.

Most people think that high heel sandals are more comfortable than shorter ones because the difference in height between the back and front of the foot is smaller with taller heels.

Even though the shoe looks scary because of the platform heel, it is one of the most comfortable choices.

Even though it might not be your go-to heel, it looks great with dresses and long jeans to make a dramatic statement.


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