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Fashion trends — to follow or not to follow? Some trends may not work with your personal style making you question whether this is one you should dip your toes into or not. Your signature style is a reflection of your personality. While pop culture icons like Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid make incorporating trends into their wardrobe look effortless, it might not necessarily work for you. 

Consider your signature style as a trademark of your personality. Between finding what you love and are comfortable in, to incorporating newer styles and designs, your signature style is created. Whether you’re a denim loving girl, or one that swears by dresses, creating your personal style helps you feel more confident and happy. Not only this, your signature style will help narrow down your choices, and make you a more conscious shopper. Trends play a significant role in trying to figure out your style, especially when it comes to buy tops for women. Here’s 3 major trends to help you figure out what works best for your personal style when it comes to tops for women. 

1. Statement Sleeves 

These larger-than-life types of sleeves can feature ruffles, embellishments and lace work. Statement sleeves like balloon-shaped, flared and cape-like look chic and help create a memorable look effortlessly. If you’re one who likes to keep it minimal yet make a statement, then this trend is for you. Tops with statement sleeves are best paired with plain bottoms to keep the focus on the sleeves. 

2. Animal Print 

If you’re a maximalist at heart, then this trend is for you. Been around for decades, this trend has been spotted on Rihanna and Priyanka Chopra Jonas both on and off screen. It’s easy to create a statement look with this trend, thanks to its look and feel. And, if you’re feeling like taking it up a notch then pull off an all over animal print look. 

3. Sustainable Fashion 

With more people becoming conscious of what they wear and how it’s made, designers are leaning toward more earth-friendly fabrics and processes. Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson are one of the biggest sustainable fashion advocates we know. Sustainable fashion is not just about fabrics and processes. When shopping tops for women, make sure to pick ones that are versatile and can be worn in multiple different ways. This also counts as a step toward sustainability. 

Now that you know some of the major trends in tops for women, find out  how you can incorporate them in your wardrobe. How can you identify your signature style? Start by identifying what you like and what you’re comfortable in. Your personal style needs to be all about your preferences and comfort. Here’s 6 points to keep in mind when you’re developing your signature style: 

  • Create a moodboard 

Have a certain aesthetic in mind? Then create a moodboard with a variety of looks and outfits that fit that have caught your eye. 

  • Buy what makes you feel good 

Is it a pair of flared trousers or is it a maxi dress? Whichever makes you feel more confident, invest in those pieces. 

  • What gets you compliments

Received a compliment every time you wore the colour blue or when you wore a pencil skirt? Add more of those pieces to your closet. 

  • Body shape

Your body type plays a big role in what you choose to wear, because all types of cuts and designs may not look the same on every body shape. 

  • Basics for the win 

There’s a lot more potential in wardrobe basics than we believe. You can create a signature look with the basics and still make heads turn. 

  • Experiment a little 

A little goes a long way; once in a while incorporate a new trend into your everyday style in a subtle manner to create a memorable look. 

More tips to keep in mind when shopping for tops for women: 

  • Stay on top of trends 

Stay updated with all the trends you spot on celebrities and social media to invest in pieces that will match your style. 

  • Find inspiration from influencers 

If you’re one who loves to indulge in every possible trend, then follow your influencers for some inspiration 

  • Smart shopping 

When shopping for tops for women, be mindful of your purchases. Invest in versatile pieces that you can pair with different types of bottoms, and wear for multiple occasions just by styling them differently.

To conclude, while trends may come and go, your signature style is what defines your sartorial choices forever. Be mindful of your choices, while exploring what’s new. Start your journey to find your signature style now, and get ready to make heads turn!

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