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Wondering How To make your Credit Card Gift PackagingWondering How To make your Credit Card Gift Packaging

Packaging determines the worth of the brand and the product. Credit card gift boxes need to be the most expressive and cleverly designed to fulfil the purpose. Paper board and kraft paper packaging is the most versatile packaging when it comes to custom shapes, sizes, and designs that represent the company more effectively. Custom logos and high-end printing enhance the worth of the brand. It is possible to control the quality of the boxes with lamination, foiling, and embossing. Card boxes are not only effective but also economical, especially in wholesale. Make your mark with the simplest and the easiest way. Do you think gifts are shared on birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, and graduation partied or out of love with the loved ones?

It is very common for companies to offer gift cards and for the customers to receive them with different products or a particular amount of purchase. Besides this, businesses send out gift cards on special occasions like Christmas, Easter, world holidays, and their anniversaries. But why would they do that; sending free of cost cards?

Marketing & Promotion!

Credit card gift boxes are the most effective marketing tools that are economical and perform very important promotional tasks;

  • Brand recognition
  • Grab the attention
  • Build a connection between the customers and the company
  • Create a professional image of the brand

The world has changed and so does the printing and packaging trends, also the marketing and product packaging along with every other thing. Change is a part of life and it is inevitable but the only thing to do it to go with the flow.
Would not that be too mainstream?
No! the task is to follow the trend but not the line. Customization is your magic lamp. It allows customers to create packaging from scratch; choosing the material of their choice, shapes that fit the products, sizes, and custom designs that are brand oriented, thus create more customer base. It is not your headache to think about how to create impressive credit card boxes

 Know the Need

Here come the two most important things that need consideration before starting on to the customization of the boxes;

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is it that you want to depict with your packaging?

A better understanding of your target audience will help in creating packaging that will instantly grab the attention of the customers instead of basic normal packaging designs that create no sense of affiliation with the customers.

Start with the base

A box is not just a piece of cardboard. By choosing the right material you are making a strong base for your packaging as the quality and grade of the material play a crucial role in the quality of the printing and strength of the boxes.

  • Pro tip: Go for cardboard and Kraft boxes as they are highly graphics friendly and give more vivid and bright prints.

Shape it up!

Do not limit your cards boxes just to the conventional packaging style but experiment with the shapes like pillow boxes, pillow boxes with window cutouts, flip open boxes, popup boxes, and many more that sparks some feeling of excitement in the customers. The die-cutting technique breaks all the restrictions that used to limit the creativity of the customers when it comes to uniqueness.

Create packaging that is just enough for credit card box holder as over-sized boxes give nothing but mistrust between the customers and the company.

  • Pro tip: The wisest decision a brand can make is to get the accurate sizes for the desired shapes. Save the material, money, and environment from extra pollution.

Design the Vibe

The most attractive and compelling packaging is the one that comes out from the heart and touches the hearts of the customers right away and it is possible for the companies, thanks to customization. Advanced printing techniques like inkjet, screen, and laser or digital printing gives the colors in their exact shade, tone or intensity.
Well, isn’t it interesting and more appealing?
Dull colors and prints decrease the quality of the packaging thus decrease the worth of the brand on the whole. Place custom logo in the most stylish and fashionable colors and typography that gives a professional and high-end outlook to the wallet box packaging.
Pro tip: Use colors that are the essence of the brand with patterns and prints that convey the message behind the product and the company.

Enjoy the luxury

Luxury attracts customers like a moth to a flame and you can add a luxurious touch to your boxes with lamination. It is a plastic covering that enhances the appearance of the boxes along with the strength and durability. Foiling and embossing are custom techniques that involve hot metallic stamping and raised ink respectively. It gives a very sophisticated appearance if used for logo and intricate patterns.

Pro tip:Use foiling for logos or you can use spot UV for logos with matte lamination.

It is not hard to design trading card storage box or gift card box if you follow the steps keeping your passion and creativity at hand and there is nothing that could stop you from creating the most effective and captivating boxes for the cards.

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