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Selecting the right flooring style for your home can be quite challenging, with so many options available these days. Since hardwood flooring offers tremendous value to a home, it’s understandable if you consider hardwood floor installation. However, there are several things you should consider before choosing a hardwood flooring style. Here’s everything you should know about hardwood floors! 

Hardwood Floors 

Hardwood floors are ideal for people who want a warm, cozy appearance as well as a long-lasting and durable surface. While oak is everyone’s primary choice, you can also opt for other hardwood flooring materials such as hickory, black walnut, and maple. 

Pros of Hardwood Floors  

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Boosts home value
  • Non-toxic

Cons of Hardwood Floors 

  • Can develop creaking over time
  • Susceptible to termites and mold
  • Prone to scratches and dents
  • Unaffordable at smaller budgets

Types of Wooden Flooring

  • Solid Wooden Flooring 

Solid wood floors are made up of planks from a single type of wood of the same thickness. The wood comes from various tree species like oak, pine, walnut, maple, cherry, etc. Even though solid wood floors are relatively expensive, installing them is beneficial as they can be refinished to refresh their look. However, solid wood isn’t adaptable to temperature changes, especially humidity, and can expand easily. Therefore, it requires extreme care and isn’t ideal for families with small kids or pets.


  • Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered wood floors are made up of wood planks attached to a layer of plywood, concrete, or fiberboard for stability to prevent the wood from expanding or contracting. This makes engineered wood flooring useful for people who live in humid or hot climates. It is less sensitive to environmental changes and doesn’t warp as easily as solid wood. It is also more water-resistant compared to solid wood and a better option for bathroom and kitchen furnishings.

Engineered wood flooring is comparatively cheaper than solid wood floors but not as durable. It can’t be refinished or sanded like solid wood because of the plywood layer below. It is also called ‘fake wood.’

How to Choose Hardwood Flooring    

  • Where you want to install hardwood flooring will determine the materials for its refinishing. They can be installed anywhere in the house except for bathrooms.
  • The budget varies accordingly. Setting your budget will help you decide which flooring option to go for.
  • The durability and maintenance factors depend on how you adapt to the hardwood floor. Ease of cleanliness and repair also vary by materials.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring 

It Increases Home Value

Around 54% of home buyers prefer houses with finished hardwood floors and are willing to pay more for them. A finished floor may help you sell your house quickly! 

Protects Your Floor

A protective topcoat on the hardwood floors will maintain your floor’s integrity, protecting it from accidental spills(wpc16 dashboard) to heavy foot traffic. 

Reduces Financial Burden

Hardwood floor replacement may be costly, but you can avoid it by refinishing it instead. Hiring a reliable flooring company to refinish your hardwood floors will cost significantly less while giving your floor a fresher look! 

Low Maintenance 

Hardwood floors are low maintenance because you don’t have to spend hours cleaning them. A quick vacuum or steam cleaning would be enough to maintain its integrity for long. You can clean them once a week since they don’t accumulate a lot of dirt and debris, unlike carpets and other flooring types. 

Improves Air Quality and Acoustic

Hardwood flooring doesn’t trap dust and other particles, which improves the quality of in-house air. Since many people are allergic to dust these days, hardwood floors are ideal for minimizing dust inside the house.

Hardwood floors can also enhance the room’s audibility, preventing common undesirable sounds, such as vibrations and echoes. This makes wooden floors ideal for parties, music, and other events. Vinyl or cork may be a suitable alternative to minimize noise.


Installing hardwood floors in your homes or offices is a long-term investment because they are extremely durable and can last longer than other flooring types. 

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