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What Does Wooden Ring Symbolize?

Wearing and gifting rings on special occasions is not a novel concept. The trend has been in place for almost forever. With changing times, the material and design of the rings have undergone tremendous change too. People are eager and excited to try out new stuff and experiment with their style and the way they look.If you want to find a ring then visit the wholesale website You can take a look, There are a dazzling array of products for you to choose from.

Hence, enter the latest trend in the jewelry market of flaunting wooden rings on fingers. The practice, which has become highly popular in a very short span, is associated with several meanings and symbolism. Today we try and understand some of them here so that the next time you think of buying a wooden ring for yourself or a loved one, you know what it means to adorn one.

What do Wooden Rings Signify?

Wearing a wooden ring denotes several things, some of which are listed here:

  • The ring is made of wood, a naturally found and organic material. Wooden rings are therefore often considered a symbol of life, growth, and strength. Look at it this way – a piece of wood that has been used in the making of the ring goes through a life cycle. It has witnessed growth through several stages – from being a seed to becoming a fully-grown tree. Not to forget, the strong wind blows, rain, and scorching heat that the log of wood is exposed to day and night – all symbolizing its innate strength to endure.

It is for this reason that when the same piece of wood is used in the manufacture of a ring, the ring becomes a symbol of all that strength that the wood has displayed all through the years. Wooden rings are therefore a perfect anniversary gift for couples – reminding them of the same strength they need to endure the various tests that life puts them through at different stages of married life. 

In fact, wooden rings have lately become a common gifting idea for couples celebrating their 5th anniversary (although you may consider it for any milestone achieved). This is because the first five years of marriage are generally considered the most crucial when two strangers come together to spend their entire life together, making numerous adjustments, compromises, and some sacrifices somewhere along the way.

To commemorate the enormous strength of their relationship and the growth they have shown over the years, which has brought them this far, wooden rings are often gifted as a symbolic gesture. 

  • A wooden ring is a great ornament for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure lovers. For the simple reason that the ring helps them better connect with nature (owing to the wood used in the ring). By adorning these rings on their finger, nature lovers feel like they’re giving back to nature the love they receive from it all the time.
  • Perfect DIY ornament – Another great thing that works well in favor of choosing wooden rings over other materials is that the former can be made yourself at home! If you’re a DIY fan, you’d love to create one of your tastes and choices by using some simple, easily available tools right at home. There are videos available online on instructions on how to make one. In addition, before you know it, you’d be flaunting one on your finger!
  • Wood is organic, eco-friendly, and a cheaper alternative to the most precious stones. Therefore, wooden rings are being widely preferred over most other conventional engagement and wedding rings, such as gold, silver, or platinum. As people are becoming more environment-friendly in their ways (reduce, reuse, and recycle), they’re turning the same attention to their jewelry also, and hence the wooden rings.

Final Words

Never thought a simple and natural material like wood, so far associated with furniture and furnishings, could find a place in one of the most beautiful embellishments for men and women alike. You too can join the crowd and show off one today.

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